iSeeGuard Computer Tracking

Tracking Employees’ Computers without Them Knowing

Support WhatsApp tracking, Gmail reading and intercepting, screen recording, and more.

Check tracking data online anytime anywhere.

Support data syncing and exporting.

Invisible on the target computer.

iSeeGuard Computer Tracking

What You Can Do with iSeeGuard Computer Tracking

Browser history tracking

With iSeeGuard, you will see what searches were performed on which popular web browsers. Even the URLs of the websites visited by the target will be stored, so you can check the details on your own computer afterward.

Download History Tracking

Internet browsers also allow you to track download history along with browsing history. Downloaded file paths and download times can also be tracked.

Social Media Messaging Tracking

You can intercept the shared contacts on top of your messages, along with items like images or videos.

Web Email Interception & Reading

You can intercept all email traffic sent and received via webmail with this potent monitoring tool for Windows. The email will be displayed along with the subject, the content, and time stamps.

Tracking keystrokes

Keyloggers let you see what is being typed on the target computer’s keyboard. You’ll be able to track everything from software usage to conversations, searches, and emails.

Monitoring app usage

On a desktop, there are many apps, and iSeeGuard lets you monitor their usage. App usage counts are shown along with the app’s icon and name.

Tracking login activities

Because it displays the administrator’s name, it may help you figure out if somebody unknown has entered the target computer.

Activity tracking for files & prints

Provides the ability to record all file-related activities and print commands carried out on the target computer. iSeeGuard can be used to record a deleted, copied, or renamed file if it occurs on the target computer. In addition, the given path can be used for checking the file.

Keeping track of USB connections

Even the USB connection can be tracked. Furthermore, File Manager, Process List, Installed Software List, Hardware List can also be tracked.

iSeeGuard Computer Tracking

Workplace productivity and employee monitoring

iSeeGuard lets you know if your workers are doing assigned tasks timely. If they switch to apps and links unrelated to work, you can quickly figure it out through this software.

It will help you remind workers of their work, and the projects will be received timely and productively.

Manage your team remotely

To keep an eye on your team’s work activities, you can install iSeeGuard. It helps you whether workers are doing the targetted work or not as this software monitors their gadgets.

How to Monitor Employee Computer with iSeeGuard Computer Tracking

Implementation of the software Setting up this software takes only 5 minutes. Here is how to unlock its features:

iSeeGuard Computer Tracking

Signing-up & Purchasing a Plan
Set up a valid account and choose a plan that meets your needs.

Download & Install Software
Upon installation on the targeted computer, follow the on-screen instructions to configure our software.

Online website
Open iSeeGuard’s website on your computer. After logging in with your license account, you will receive an online dashboard to check and monitor the data from the targeted computer.

iSeeGuard Trumps the Competition

iSeeGuard is superior to all the others because

The software will monitor the target computer’s activities without the target being aware of it

It is free from any kind of viruses

By logging into the portal anytime, anywhere, you can access all records from the monitored computer

Security and privacy are our highest priorities

iSeeGuard Computer Tracking

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Don’t Just Trust Our Words

lynn's profile image

As a parent, I was always scared of what my son is up to. I subscribed to iSeeGuard to keep track of my son’s searches and activities. Now, I can see what my son is doing on his phone without him realizing it. It has helped me be carefree as a parent. Thank you, iSeeGuard!

– Lynn, US

adam's profile image

I am an entrepreneur, and some of my team members did not submit tasks timely even when they used computers during working hours. After being recommended iSeeGuard by my partner, I installed it. It has proved to be a great help as I have figured out that these workers play video games on the computer instead of working on projects. They were warned of this unprofessional attitude, and now, I get tasks on time without delay. iSeeGuard is great!

– Adam Cheise

Floyd's profile image

We run an online store. I have two employees, and one of them was not patching orders at a time. Due to this, I was exasperated and bought an account on iSeeGuard. Now, I can see if he is responding to customers promptly. If he doesn’t, I hold him accountable for it. So, he has become very productive now, and my customers are delighted with our brand due to on-time delivery.

– Floyd Staller

Marina's profile image

The employee’s work efficiency is not high, the company’s performance can not be improved, and I have a headache for a long time. Later, my friend recommended me to use the super-eye computer monitoring software. After using it for a period of time, it can really regulate the way employees work and improve a lot of efficiency.

– Marina