Advanced iPhone Monitoring App

Supervise your child’s iPhone activities without jailbreaking.

• Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram.

• Track the GPS location of the iPhone

• View all incoming and outgoing text messages

Invisible mode is always on.

iPhone Monitoring

iPhone Monitoring Features (No Jailbreak)


Locating iPhone and tablet, reviewing your location history.

SMS Reader

Read all incoming and outgoing text messages and get information about things like email addresses, names, etc.

Track Calls

Find out everything about every call which goes through that device.


Create a virtual perimeter that when your child leaves it, you get notified.


By activating the keylogger, you will track your child’s details (usernames, passwords) through keystrokes.

Media Files

The option of seeing and downloading every media file on your child’s device.


Keep track of what is happening on their Snapchat and see messages at any time.

Browser History

Protect your children by monitoring their browser history.

Stealth mode

Complete invisible mode for monitoring.

How to Start Tracking Someone’s iOS Activity?

Sign up for free

Create a free account using your email.

Input iCloud Account Info

Verify the account details of the linked iPad or iPhone.

Start Monitoring

See all the activity on the iOS device through your web browser.

Protect Your Family With iSeeGuard

iPhone Monitoring

Monitor Your Family

iSeeGuard will allow you to keep your children and other members of your family safe. Since many dangerous people are lurking on the internet, this must be done, and your children or anyone else need to know you are monitoring them.

Follow Your Workers Activity

In the same way, you would monitor your children, and you can monitor people who work for you. This will help you learn what people think of you and the job in general, are they satisfied or perhaps working behind your back. Install the app on the company phones they are using. 

iPhone Monitoring

What People Are Saying

iPhone Monitoring

My son is very naughty now. I often can’t get in touch with him. A few days ago, I had to call his classmate to find out where he was, so I decided to install a parent control app. iSeeguard is very good. It allows me to track the location of my son and even read chat notes. I don’t have to guess where he is anymore.

– Ivan K.

iPhone Monitoring

I’ve been using iSeeGuard on my child’s phone for about two months, and it’s running steadily.
The installation process is relatively smooth, and the installation is completed in about 5 minutes according to the instructions on the website.
What pleases me most about this app is the dashboard, which allows me to quickly monitor all my child’s activities, including location, messages and who he is talking to.

Jennifer S.

Top 5 Best Spying Apps for iPhones  

While technology has helped the world grow, the same thing has also increased digital crime and online abuse. Since the online world can be extremely perilous if not appropriately used, spy apps for iPhones can help you keep your loved ones safe. Take the little ones, for example. Children these days can be seen using smartphones all the time. 

They use the internet to stay connected with friends, but they also use the internet to search for new things. Since children are curious about almost everything, they quickly use the internet to find things they want to know about. Internet is loaded with information; however, it also has pornographic websites, sites to date, gambling apps, and more. 

Moreover, mobile phone apps are also there. They could be busy playing online games through different online gaming apps, could be a subject of bullying, and more. The online space for kids can be extremely unhealthy for them if not monitored, which is why there are spying apps for iPhones. So, if your kid has an iPhone and you are looking for a spy app for iPhone, you have come to the right place. This post will tell you about the best iPhone spy apps that you can go for. 


Price: Basic: $29.99/month | Premium: $69.99/per month

The first iPhone spy app that we have for you is mSpy. This iPhone spy app works effortlessly and has thousands of users. It comes loaded with tons of features that allow you to control your kids’ iPhones efficiently. It doesn’t ask you to jailbreak the iPhone and spy on it in a discreet mood. The most significant advantage of using mSpy is that it lets you spy on an iPhone without Apple ID and password. 

Key Features 

  • mSpy lets you monitor call history. You get full access to call history to learn about the people the target person is speaking to. It shows both incoming and outgoing calls. 
  • mSpy also lets you check both incoming and outgoing text messages. You can also see the contact information of the person. 
  • The tool lets you check messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, and more.
  • When it comes to finding where the target person is, the track GPS location comes in handy. 
  • You can see what kinds of apps the target device has. You can also check the recently deleted apps. 
  • You can use it to check stored multimedia files, such as photos, videos, documents, and more. 


Price: Free | Business: $9.9/month/device

When it comes to an iPhone spy app that’s free, iKeyMonitor can turn out to be an ideal choice. It not only works on iPhones, but on Windows, Android, and Mac too. One can use it to monitor all kinds of activities of a target device. Just like mSpy, it also lets you spy on someone in stealth mode. Moreover, it’s an iPhone spy app that requires no jailbreak

Kry Features 

  • iKeyMonitor shows incoming and outgoing text messages and instant messages. 
  • It lets you track call history and record calls. 
  • You can see the keystrokes of the target device. 
  • It works as a GPS tracker, letting you know where the target device is and also creating geofence for the target device. 
  • You will see all the stored and exchanged multimedia files, such as photos, videos, voice messages, etc. 
  • You can enable the phone surrounding feature to hear what’s going on and take photos remotely. 


Price: Lite: $29.95/Month | Premium: $68/Month | Extreme: $199 for three months 

If you want to know how to spy on iPhones easily, try FlexiSPY because this iPhone spying app lets you monitor an iPhone conveniently. FlexiSPY enables you to monitor almost everything that the target person does on their iPhone. The tool provides you with a demo, which allows users to get started easily. FlexiSPY provides you with multiple features. 

Key Features 

  • FlexiSPY lets you track calls and find out both incoming and outgoing calls. Along with this, call recording is also there. 
  • The ambient recording is an excellent feature that lets you record and listen to the surroundings of the target device. 
  • You can track location and get the real-time GPS location of the target device. You can also create geo fencing. 
  • It lets you track social media accounts and instant messengers. 
  • The remote camera feature allows you to capture the surroundings of the target device remotely. 
  • It lets you block unwanted and dangerous apps. The keylogger feature is also impressive. 


Price: Premium: $10.83/month | Family: $99.99/month | Business: $399.99/month 

Spyzie is a fantastic iPhone spying app with multiple features that allow you to track a target device efficiently. Spyzie not only works on iPhones but Android devices as well. Moreover, the data that Spyzie provides gets updated frequently so that the user analysis the real-time data only. From call logs to messages, Spyzie lets you check everything. 

Key Features 

  • Spyzie lets you check both incoming and outgoing calls and messages along with contact details. 
  • One can use the app to browse history and determine what kind of websites the target person visits. 
  • Spyzie lets you check the social media messages of the target person, such as Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Instagram, and more. 
  • You can check multimedia files of the target device, such as photos, videos, etc. 
  • You can check downloaded apps on the target device and see what apps the target person uses. 
  • Location history lets you learn about the whereabouts of the target person. You will find real-time data, and for the last, both time and date will be shown. 


Price: Premium: $10.83/per month | Family: $99.99/ month | Business: $399.99/month 

The last iPhone spying app that you can go for is Cocospy. Cocospy is a new phone spying application but has already become popular because of its fantastic phone spying features. This iPhone spying app is not just for parents who want to monitor their kids, but for companies too who want to ensure the employees are not wasting time on their phones. 

Key Features 

  • Cocospy lets you track calls. Meaning, you can check both incoming and outgoing calls to see who the target person talks to. You will also see the time, date, and contact details. 
  • You can track text messages of a person along with instant messaging apps data, such as Snapchat, Instagram, etc. 
  • You can track the location of the target device to know about the person’s whereabouts. You can set a geofence alert too. 
  • The tracking website history feature allows you to see the websites that the target person has visited along with bookmarked websites. 
  • You can check downloaded and exchanged multimedia files, such as videos, photos, audio, etc. 
  • Cocospy also lets you check what kind of applications are downloaded on the target device. 


These are the spy apps for iPhone that one can consider trying. But before you choose one, it is recommended to go through the demo and find out which app suits your budget. The phone spying apps that this article has listed are the best and currently leading.

Look for an iPhone spy app that is compatible with the iPhone that you want to monitor, doesn’t ask you to jailbreak, and finally, provides you with multiple monitoring features. Keep these factors in mind before settling down with any iPhone spying apps. 

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