iSeeGuard for WhatsApp

Best App to Monitor Your Child’s WhatsApp 24/7!

Are you suspicious of your child’s online activities? iSeeGuard for WhatsApp is here to help you out. Here are reasons that make it stand out

Monitor all kinds of data on WhatsApp messages of the targeted devices including text, images, videos, etc.

Very convenient to use and can be installed quickly on android smartphones and tablets.

No need to log in using a WhatsApp account.

Access data in real-time.

iSeeGuard for WhatsApp

How iSeeGuard Helps You Monitor Your Child’s WhatsApp Activities?

iSeeGuard for WhatsApp is the best app that allows real-time WhatsApp monitoring without letting your loved ones know. It is easy to install and use on any android device. Following are the advanced features that iSeeGuard offers

Access Your Child’s Messages on WhatsApp

With iSeeGuard, you can access all the messages that your child sends on WhatsApp. You can also track the messages that they receive. The messages can be in any form: text, audio, video, GIF, stickers, documents, etc.

Track WhatsApp Calls

You can monitor every detailed information about your child’s WhatsApp calls

Whether it was a video or voice call;Starting time of the call;All missed calls your child receive;Duration of the call.

Record WhatsApp Calls

You can record all suspicious calls your boy or girl takes or receives on WhatsApp. iSeeGuard enables you to register and save all the recordings with playback features.

View WhatsApp Statuses Anonymously

You can access all the statuses of your child’s WhatsApp easily with iSeeGuard. Moreover, you can also view deleted or expired statuses.

Get Access to All WhatsApp Media Files on Dashboard

You can view almost every kind of media type on the iSeeGuard dashboard. You can track

WhatsApp Photos

You can easily view all the photos that your children send or receive via WhatsApp. Moreover, you can access the photos uploaded on statuses too. Everything is accessible on the iSeeGuard dashboard.

WhatsApp Videos

With iSeeGuard, you can view the videos sent or received on WhatsApp of the targeted device. But remember, iSeeGuard tends to show only the thumbnail to avoid additional charges.

WhatsApp Documents

No matter what type of file your child is sending on WhatsApp, you can access them all. The document types include PDF, Word, Excel, Doc, PPT, etc. You can even recover deleted files!

WhatsApp Voice Messages

Do you want to know what your kids are talking about on WhatsApp? With iSeeGuard You can easily listen to all their audio with iSeeGuard.

Monitor Your Child’s Activities in Detail with these New Features

Some exclusive features of iSeeGuard help you to maximize the information you can monitor. Discover these features with iSeeGuard

Monitor All the Activities Through Screenshots

You can keep an eye on your child’s activities with this amazing feature. iSeeGuard takes screenshots of your child’s WhatsApp whenever they use it. The screenshots are shared to you simultaneously.

iSeeGuard for WhatsApp
iSeeGuard for WhatsApp

Access Every Minor Detail

You are updated with every detail of your child’s activities by iSeeGuard, such as the duration of using WhatsApp, the usage frequency, and the exact time of login. You can save all the data on your phone.

3 Easy Steps To Track WhatsApp on Android Easily

1.Sign up for free and choose the plan that suits you the best.

2.Now install the app on your kid’s phone and verify the setup.

3.You are all done. Now, you can view everything on your iSeeGuard Control Panel and keep an eye on your child without their knowledge.

iSeeGuard for WhatsApp Vs. iSeeGuard for Android

iSeeGuard offers two major plans

iSeeGuard for WhatsApp

iSeeGuard Pro for Android

Find out the differences and pricing in the following table:


iSeeGuard for WhatsApp

iSeeGuard Pro for Android

File Types that You Can Access

10+ Types

30+ Types

WhatsApp Chats



Independent Chat Window



WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls



WhatsApp Statuses



WhatsApp Media Files



WhatsApp Activities






Requirement of root



Free Update




Starts from $0.25 per day

Starts from $0.27 per day

Install iSeeGuard Now to Monitor Your Children

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What Our Users Say About iSeeGuard for WhatsApp?

Thousands of people have already tried iSeeGuard. Customers love the features and always give positive feedback. Here are some reviews by our regular users:

phil's profile image

My daughter used to attend long video chats with bad boys. But with iSeeGuard, I caught her. I suggest this app to every parent.

– Phil England

nick's profile image

Amazing app! I used this tool to monitor my 12-year-old son’s WhatsApp Chat, and found him was chatting with child groomers in his deleted WhatsApp chat history! Thanks to iSeeGuard, I saved my child out of trouble.

– Nick

elisabeth's profile image

iSeeGuard is really a life-saver to me and my baby girl. Before I used this app, I worried about my daughter all day because she uses her phone every day but I have no idea what she’s been engaged in. With this wonderful app, I can get track of who she’s chatting and how long she’s been using WhatsApp a day. Fantastic app indeed!

– Elisabeth

alice's profile image

Thanks to iSeeGuard Keylogger. I was able to monitor my daughter’s computer. I can monitor her remotely, and she does not even know.

– Alice