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See who your kids are chatting with on Facebook without them knowing.

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Secretly monitor Facebook and Messenger chat activities.

See activity on Facebook without being noticed.

View shared photos and videos.

Read all Facebook messages.

Maintain track of their contacts.

How To Begin Tracking Facebook Messages In Three Steps?

Sign up for free

Create a free account using your email.

Set up iSeeGuard

Follow easy instructions to install ISeeGuard.

Start tracking location

Access chats from Facebook

What Can You Find Out From Facebook Monitoring?

A lot can be learned about a person through their Facebook activity. If a user is a child, it can be found out if they are communicating with the wrong people. If they are employees, you can find out if they spend their time chatting and avoiding working. And if it’s your partner, following their Facebook activity can show you whether they are faithful to you or not.

Facebook Tracker

Monitor Facebook Activity Incognito

ISeeGuard is your key ally for tracking anyone’s Facebook profile without that person finding out. You can do all this from your web browser, and you can do it remotely. All you need is to set up the app to work with your target Android or iOS device.

After installing the app, log in to the dashboard to start tracking Facebook. Search for the Facebook option in the selection menu. This will open a Facebook window that contains details such as outgoing and incoming calls and messages with timestamps, contact information, and others.  

You can look into a person’s activity on Facebook, which includes all chat activities. Another great option is gaining access to their contact information such as names, pictures, and email.

Each Facebook conversation has a timestamp that lets you know when the conversation happened. In addition, our app allows you to maintain track of Facebook media files and view secret Facebook conversations. You can download every single photo or video that they have uploaded.

Use App Without Root

You can look into a person’s activity on Facebook, which includes all chat activities. Another great option is gaining access to their contact information such as names, pictures, and email.We have created our app to work without roots. Everyone can install our app on any Android device available, without the need for changes or technical knowledge. The iOS version of Spiine has suspended Facebook support because it requires you to jailbreak your device. But applications like WhatsApp and LINE can certainly still be monitored.

Facebook Tracker

iSeeGuard Application is Invisible

We have designed the application to be discreet and unobtrusive. The Android app version can be hidden after installation. The app will run in the background without the device user ever finding out about it. It won’t slow down the device or discharge the battery. We made sure the user never finds out that his Facebook activities are visible.

Keep track of the Facebook activities of your employees

You can use our app to track your employees’ Facebook use. That way you can find out if they are working as much as they should. You can also monitor how your employees communicate with customers and clients through Messenger chat. Another thing you can find out is whether your employee received offers from your competition, and so you will be able to react in time.

Facebook Parental Control

Today, children spend a lot of time on Facebook. But we all know that Facebook can be a dangerous place for young people. Many perverts, bullies, and fraudsters have access to Facebook. Our app allows you to discover the potential dangers your child is exposed to and recognize bad impacts. Our app offers you the ability to recognize Facebook predators and protect your child.

What People Are Saying

Facebook Tracker

I installed iSeeGuard on my children’s pone aged 12 and 14 and to my dismay, found that one was being bullied. Talked to her and sorted the matter. Thanks, iSeeGuard.

– Broderick, US

Facebook Tracker

My kids spent a lot of time on Facebook, and when I asked them to complete the schoolwork first, they used to argue. With iSeeGuard, I just send remote commands to their phone to lock it up, so they can focus on their studies.   

Leilani, Australia

10 Best Facebook Tracking Apps for 2021

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. It has become a virtual world for teenagers to connect with old and new friends, share text messages, photos, take part in discussions, and many more. Though Facebook offers robust account privacy, teenagers keep their account privacy low to increase the number of followers and get more likes on their photos. All of this makes Facebook attractive for online predators and strangers to trap your children. 

As a parent, you would want to protect your children from such dangers of the internet. Keeping a track of the Facebook chats and messages as a measure of monitoring and controlling is relieving. But can you track the recent developments in your child’s Facebook account? Yes, it is possible. There are various Facebook tracking applications available to monitor the activities on Facebook. 

These tracking apps are also useful for an employer ensuring that the team members spend working hours efficiently and do not waste time browsing their Facebook profiles. 

 10 Best Facebook Tracking Apps 

  1. iSeeGuard
  2. Hoverwatch 
  3. mSpy
  4. FlexiSpy
  5. MobiStealth 
  6. CocoSpy
  7. Spyzie
  8. XNSpy 
  9. Spyera 
  10. Highster Mobile 

Are you a parent, employer, spouse, or guardian hunting for applications to track Facebook conversations or usage? Then you are at the right place. In this article, you will find the 10 best Facebook tracking apps for 2021 you can try. Without much ado, let us get started. 


iSeeGuard Facebook tracking app is a reputable player and a global leader in the market of mobile monitoring. Your key ally for tracking anyone’s Facebook profile without them knowing, iSeeGuard offers you powerful monitoring features to track Facebook remotely and through your browser. 

The app allows you to know the details of outgoing and incoming calls and messages with a timestamp, chat activity, and contact information. In addition to this, with iSeeGuard, you can gain access to your child’s, employee’s, or spouse’s contact information like name, pictures, and email. Also, you can maintain track of Facebook media files and download every photo or video that your child has uploaded. 

iSeeGuard is one of the best Facebook tracking apps around to protect your child from Facebook bullies, fraudsters, and predators. The app allows you to discover the potential dangers your child is exposed to by recognizing the bad impacts. With iSeeGuard, your data will never be leaked, and it is compatible with both iPhone and Android. 


Basic Subscription – $49.99/month 

Premium Subscription – $16.66/month 

Family Subscription – $99.99/month 


Hoverwatch Facebook tracking app can help you monitor Facebook activities on both phone and computer of your child, employee, or any other person on whose Facebook activities you want to keep a tab.  

With this tracking app, you can read all the messages, view images, and listen to audio messages exchanged between the users. It is useful and helps you understand how much time your child or employee spends on the popular social platform. 

You can also save pictures, videos, and audio files exchanged. Hoverwatch is an excellent app o catch any unwanted activity on your child’s or your employee’s Facebook profile. You can easily monitor all the activity remotely.


Personal – $24.95/month

Professional – $9.99/month/device 

Business – $6/month/device 


mSpy offers parents the best way to track Facebook messenger and get into the Facebook chats and messages exchanged by the children. The app works secretly without letting your child know about it. 

The app allows you to access all text messages and view multimedia files enabling you to know what your child is up to on this social media site. Moreover, mSpy has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use, and all the Facebook conversations, friends lists, posts, and friend requests can be viewed on the interface. 

The app works remotely, so you can easily access your child’s Facebook from anywhere. It is compatible with rooted Android and jailbroken iPhone. 


3 premium plans 

1 month – $48.99

3 months – $27.99

12 months – $11.66


FlexiSpy is a well-known Facebook tracking app around for parents and employers to keep track of how Facebook is used. The app works remotely and silently captures all incoming and outgoing messages, group chats, videos, images, profile pictures, and other data.  

Moreover, FlexiSpy can listen and record all phone calls live as well as on WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber. These are some of the features of this spy app not found in others. The tracking tool is compatible with Android, iPhone, and computers.


Lite Subscription – $29.95/month

Premium Subscription – $68/month

Extreme Subscription – $199/3 months


MobiStealth is a cell phone monitoring app that is also great to track Facebook activities on the phone. The tracking app runs in the background silently and sends cell phone activities in real-time. 

With the help of the MobiStealth Facebook tracking app, you can keep an eye on your child’s Facebook activity by reading their messages, group chats, and view photos and videos exchanged. Moreover, you can get all the details of the conversations with timestamp and access to all the content sent through Facebook and saved on your child’s phone. With these robust features on hand, you can protect your child from bullies and cybercriminals.

MobiStealth enables you to monitor all Facebook activities secretly and remotely. Your child will not be able to know the tracking app is deployed on their phone. The Facebook tracking app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 


For Android 

Pro Subscription – $59.99/month

Pro X Subscription – $69.99/month 

For iOS 

Premium Plus Subscription – $16.66/month 


CocoSpy Facebook tracking app is used by millions across the world to keep tabs on Facebook activities of kids and employees. It fetches all the Facebook messages, chats, and group chats with timestamps enabling you to know when the messages were exchanged.

The tracking app comes with a stealth option which means that it works secretly to monitor Facebook without the person knowing. Along with tracking on Facebook chats, CocoSpy offers live call listening and recording, location tracking, SMS tracking, and more. It also does not ask to jailbreak or root the device. CococSpy works seamlessly with all Android and iOS devices. 


For Android

Basic – $39.99/month

Premium – $9.99/month 

Family – $69.99/month 

For iOS

Family – $99.99/month

Premium – $10.83/month

Business – $399.99/month 


Spyzie is ranked as the world’s number one phone tracking app that can also be used to track Facebook messenger. With this tracking app, you can easily view all the Facebook conversations, see pictures, and videos exchanged, and check the Facebook profiles of the people your child, spouse, or employees chat with.

The app works secretly and without asking you to root or jailbreak the target device. The user interface is easy to use with access to Facebook monitor under the social media apps tab. Moreover, Spyzie gives you details of all the messages and even shows the messages and chats that are deleted. 


Basic – $39.99/month

Premium – $9.99/month

Family – $69.99/month 


XNSpy brands itself as the best tracking app in the market due to its powerful features. With the app, you can remotely monitor all Facebook chats from your online account. The Facebook monitoring features offered by XNSpy are checking all call logs, tracking chats, viewing multimedia files saved, contact list, and export the recorded data to an off-server location. 

XNSpy is easy to use and install. Just install the software on the target device and it will record all the data and send it to your online account. It monitors the Facebook chats even if the device is not connected to the internet. XNSpy is compatible with all Android devices and jailbroken iPhones. 


Basic Edition – $4.99/month

Premium Edition – $7.49/month 


Spyera is another top FB tracking app available today as it has unique features to track Facebook messenger. The app allows access to the phone contacts and the call interception feature enables you to record the call. It even intercepts the live call and allows you to secretly send a call to the target device to listen to any conversations.

You can check the Facebook messages and chats to protect your children from online fraudsters and monitor your employees to know if any secret information of your company is being shared. Spyera works well with Android, but it requires jailbreaking on an iPhone. It is a downside because this increases the chances of the person being monitored discovering the tracking.



Highster Mobile 

Highster Mobile is a famous FB tracking app available out there. It is well-acclaimed for this because it offers many powerful features and is easy to use. With the app, you can easily track someone’s Facebook activities without their knowledge. It is perfect if you’re looking for a secret Fb tracking app to keep an eye on your children or employees. 

Highster Mobile works efficiently to recover all the old and deleted Facebook messages and call logs. Install the app on the target device to track Facebook activities and other data remotely and secretly. The tracking app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices making it a top app among its competitors because many do not offer both options.


Basic – $2.99/month 

Pro – $6.99/month

Part 3: How to Use iSeeGuard to Track Facebook 

There are various Facebook tracking apps available, but the best is iSeeGuard. It has robust features and is easy to use. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to using it.

Step 1 – Sign up 

Visit the official website https://www.iseeguard.com/ and sign up for free using your email and then purchase the subscription. 

Step 2 – Set up 

After the purchase, an email with login details and instructions for installation is sent to your registered email ID. Now install the iSeeGuard Facebook messenger tracking apps by following the instructions. 

Step 3 – Strat tracking 

Once the iSeeGuard Facebook messenger tracking app is installed on the target device, you get access to Facebook chats and messages to keep a tab on the Facebook activity. 


Facebook tracking apps are powerful tools to help you track and monitor your child’s, employee’s, or spouse’s Facebook activities remotely and secretly. However, choose the app carefully as some do not offer security and havoc on the data. Thus, the above information of the best 10 Facebook tracking apps for 2021 enables you to choose the appropriate one for your needs. However, we recommend iSeeGuard. 

Part 4: FAQs

Yes, using Facebook tracking apps is legal, given the app is used within the guidelines. If you are using the app to track your kids or employees on the devices that you own, then using a tracking app is legit. However, before you decide to install tracking apps on the target device, check your state laws.

Which Facebook tracking app is the best?

All the mentioned Facebook tracking apps work best, but we recommend using iSeeGuard. It is because the app works on both iPhone and Android without rooting or jailbreaking the device. The app provides you information on outgoing and incoming calls and messages with timestamps and contact information.

Can I track Facebook without accessing the target phone?

To track Facebook messenger, you need to install the app on the target device. Once installation is done, you can easily track Facebook activities remotely and even without them knowing. 

What are the benefits of Facebook tracking?

There are several benefits to tracking someone’s Facebook activities. If you have kids who are constantly on their phones and you are worried about their safety, then you can track their Facebook to keep tabs on what messages, videos, and images they share to protect them from fraudsters. 

If you are an employer, you want your employees to stay productive during working hours and not waste time on Facebook. You can track and monitor the activity and know if someone is sharing your secret data.  

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