User Guide of AnyKeylogger

1. Start Any Keylogger

2. Advanced Settings

3. Log viewer

Part 1: Start Any Keylogger

How AnyKeylogger works?
Any Keylogger operates in hidden mode and does not appear on the computer system while being monitored. It is invisible in Add/Remove program list, Software installation files, Startup menu, and even from the Desktop icon. That’s to say, users being monitored won’t be aware of being monitored when Any Keylogger runs in the background. If you switch on the monitoring status, Any Keylogger will monitor computers even though you close it or hide it in the background, the only way you can stop it is to switch off the button of status in the main interface.

Activate and Run Any Keylogger
After you install Any Keylogger, the main interface will immediately pop up. If the main window doesn’t appear, you can press the hotkey of “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A” to activate it, in the main window, you should firstly switch on the button of status.

View Logs
Click the “View Log” button in the main interface, then the log window appears. In this window, you can choose any user’s computer and every item to view the logs, here, Any Keylogger also offers you the function of exporting logs.

Close Program
You should know that the program is still operating in the background if you just click “X” of the main window. Please switch off the button of “Status”, and then Any Keylogger will really stop monitoring computers.

User Guide of AnyKeylogger

Part 2: Advanced Settings

In this window, you can assign to monitor different items by switching on/off the button, while first of all, you should ensure the button of “status” is on, otherwise, the program will fail to run.

User Guide of AnyKeylogger

1. Login With Password:
This option allows you to set a password to prevent unauthorized access to AnyKeylogger.

2. Hotkey to Run/Hide AnyKeylogger:
The default hotkey is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A, press the hotkey anytime to Hide/Unhide AnyKeylogger.

3. Magic word to unhide AnyKeylogger:
To unhide AnyKeylogger, you can start any program, for example, the Notepad or Calc, and type the magic word. By default, the magic word is “unhidekey”. The magic word is not case-sensitive.

4. Start the application by running the command:
1). Press WIN+R or use the Run dialog in the Windows Start menu to activate the application.
2). Enter the command “runkey” to start AnyKeylogger.

Run Dialog

5. Select monitored users
You can also select users to monitor, check “Only selected” to monitor the specified user.

User Guide of AnyKeylogger

This option is designed for those who need remote monitoring and the logs as evidence. Check this option, and set the time interval, enter your email address in the box and then click on the button after the box.
Note: this function is available for the PRO edition.

Send Test Email:
Test if the settings are correct by sending an email.
When you have configured your mail service, you can now test it, just click the “Send Test Email” button. After a while (can in some cases take a couple of minutes) a message box will appear to indicate if the mail configuration was correct. If the test mail was successfully sent, you can check your mailbox in a couple of minutes for the incoming test mail.

User Guide of AnyKeylogger

Solutions that fail to send mail by Gmail:
If you fail to send a test email by Gmail (Gmail restricts access to third-party client software), please refer to the following solutions:

In “Screenshots”, you can set different aspects of screenshots.
Firstly, you can set the capture interval to ensure the program will capture the computer screen as you need.

Secondly, set the capture scale and capture quality so that you can get the proper screenshots. Here, you can also set the interval of idle time so the program won’t capture the screen when the computer is idle for a certain time, while this program will begin to capture the screen on every “Enter” key if you check this box.

What’s more, create the function of Smart Sense Capture to set certain words, then the program will capture the screen when these words appear.

User Guide of AnyKeylogger

Parental Control

1. Website Blocking
User Guide of AnyKeylogger

Check “Enable Website Filter”, you can choose to set a list of blocked websites or a list of allowed websites.

2. Application Blocking
User Guide of AnyKeylogger

First of all, you must check “Block Application”, and then you can click the right arrow to add applications to the blocked box on the right.

3. Time Controls
User Guide of AnyKeylogger

Check “Enable Time Control”, and then you can choose to set the same time limit for PC’s everyday use, or you can click the different sub-box to grey to block the Internet use in this specific moment.

Part 3: Log viewer

Click “view log” in the main window, then you enter the log viewer. Here, you can view all logs, logs of the last 7days, and today’s logs. Choose an item of one user, and then you can view the relevant logs in the right window.

Export Logs
Click “Export” on the top bar, choose the user, logs time period, log type, and export destination file name to finish the exporting of logs.

Delete Logs
Click on “Delete” on the top bar, in the popup window, you can choose the target period of logs, user name, and log type to delete specific logs, or you can also delete all the logs only by clicking the button immediately.