mSpy Review- Is It Worth It?

mspy review

mSpy is one of the most popular phone spying applications of today and millions of people use it. Parents use mSpy to monitor their children’s online presence, while companies use this app to keep an eye on their employees’ mobile usage when they are at work. Therefore, anyone can use mSpy. Since mSpy has become popular, this mSpy review will help you know what this app can do, the features, price, and its pros and cons to make an informed decision. 

Knowing about all the features of the mSpy app will help you understand whether you should use it or not. This is a detailed review, and it is recommended to go through it thoroughly. Since kids these days can quickly get hold of information online, it is always better to track their digital presence to know whether they are using the internet for the right reason or not. 

Since there are so many malicious and adult apps readily available on both Play Store and App Store, parents should be highly cautious about the apps their child might have downloaded and used. Not just this, these days, every child is on at least one social media and chat platform. You never know if your child is safe on these online platforms. Someone might be pretending to be of their age and chatting with them. Or they might be getting bullied or harassed online. Things can happen, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. So, let’s continue with our mSpy review and learn about this phone spying application. 

Full mSpy Review- What is it?

mSpy is essentially a phone monitoring app available for Android and iOS users. MTechnology Ltd has developed this phone spying software, and one can use it to spy on a target device. Along with mobile phones, one can use mSpy to spy on tablets and laptops/computers as well. The primary purpose of using mSpy is to find out who the target device owner calls and receives calls from, text messages, media files store or received and shared, and so on. Basically, whatever you want to learn about, mSpy will help you with that. 

Like many other phone monitoring applications, mSpy also offers you a web-based dashboard, which lets you track the target device from any system you want. This phone monitoring app, otherwise known as the parental control app, comes along with a wide range of features. If you wish to track your child’s phone, mSpy will let you do that conveniently. mSpy works discreetly, which means the target device owner will never know that they are being tracked. In addition, you can download some of the media files if needed. 

Another good thing about mSpy is that it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. mSpy is not a free app, and there are different subscription plans to choose from. Also, there are different plans for Android and iOS users. mSpy offers a demo version, which will help you understand how this phone spying application works. 

Top Features of mSpy App

Smartphones are beneficial for kids because, through smartphones, they can give you a call whenever they need you. Not just this, you can call your child also to learn about their whereabouts. But the same device can become dangerous when they use it for the wrong reasons. In this section, we will share some of the features of the mSpy app. These features will allow parents to keep their children protected from cyberbullying, watching inappropriate and adult content, and from all kinds of dangers. 

Monitor Call History 

If you want to know who your child speaks to regularly, the call monitoring feature will help you. This feature will show you who your child talks to, both incoming and outgoing calls, contact names, and the date and time of calls received and made. The call monitoring feature is also known as the call log feature. The dashboard will have all the information that you need. 

Call Blocking 

Apart from watching who your child makes calls to and receives calls from, you can use an important feature: call blocking. The call blocking feature will let you block numbers that you find suspicious. This feature is beneficial for parents who always worry about their child talking to people they shouldn’t be. 

View Text Messages 

Just like gaining access to incoming and outgoing calls, you can access both incoming and outgoing text messages. You will learn when your child has sent a message or have received one, who that person is, and at what time do they mostly message that person. 

Access Social Media Messages 

mSpy lets you spy on multiple social media messaging platforms, such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber messages. You can take a look at the messages sent and received along with the exchanged multimedia files. 

Website Monitoring and Blocking 

Your kid might be checking different websites on their smartphone without your knowledge. Kids are always curious to learn new things. Since you don’t know what they might be browsing, it is better to keep an eye on what sites they are browsing and if you find any age-inappropriate websites, just block them right away so they can’t visit them. The panel will show the list of websites your child has recently visited, bookmarked sites, and the sites they regularly visit. 

App Monitoring and Blocking 

mSpy will quickly let you learn about the social media apps your child is using and have downloaded on their phone. There is no shortage of dangerous and inappropriate apps online these days. Plus, there are so many dating and chatting apps too. For example, your child could be using Tinder without knowing what it is used for or might be chatting with the wrong people through chatting apps. 

So, the app monitoring and blocking feature will help you learn what these apps are and block those you think they shouldn’t be using. You will also get to know about the recently deleted apps as well. 

Access Media Files on the Target Device 

Kids can save many media files on their smartphones. Media files can include videos, photos, and documents. The online dashboard will have a photos tab. You need to click on that to see all the saved, received, and downloaded media files. 

Track GPS Location and Geo-Fencing 

When a child gets late for home after school or a party, you can check where they are by using the track GPS location feature. This feature will show you the real-time location of your kid. Not just this, mSpy also offers the geofencing feature, which will let you create a virtual fence so that you can be alerted whenever they cross it. There will undoubtedly want your child to stay within a specific boundary, so use this feature to learn where they are and be warned whenever they cross it. 

Logging Keystrokes 

mSpy can store every keystroke they use. This feature helps you learn important details, such as login details for emails, messages, URLs, encrypted texts, passwords, usernames, and more. Whatever your child types, that will be recorded by mSpy. 

mSpy Price

There are three plans for mSpy:

One month: $69.99 

Three months: $199.99 

Twelve months: $199.99

Apart from this plan, they also have a Family kit, which lets you monitor three devices. 

Six months: $357.97

Twelve months: $479.97

Even though the family plan is the most expensive, it lets you monitor three devices at once. 

How to Use mSpy?

Using mSpy is relatively straightforward. There are three basic steps that one needs to follow. Please note that mSpy is not a free application. Hence, you will have to pick one of the subscriptions before you can start using it. Once you are done, mSpy will send your login credentials to your email ID, which you need to log in to the control panel. Please, note that you can change the password if required. 

Step 1: You will first have to pick one subscription. There are three subscriptions available, which are no-jailbreaking, premium, and finally basic. Next, you will have to fill the form and complete it. After that, you will have to submit the form. 

Step 2: Find the login credential sent to your email ID. You will have to use the same credentials to log in to the dashboard. If you find any difficulty while installing mSpy, you can always contact customer care, who is available for you 24×7. 

Step 3: Finally, you can start browsing the control panel and start analyzing the different features and start monitoring your kid. You can check the call log, current location, text messages, and more. 

How to Contact mSpy? 

Please note that mSpy is available for everyone 24×7 and 365 days a year. This means that you can contact the customer care team whenever you want. If you wish to understand how mSpy works or the installation process, you can call them up and get the information. mSpy also has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Live chat is also available. 

Here are the contact numbers:

USA: +1 855 896 00 41

France: +3 397 073 81 15

Mexico: +52 800 461 04 54

Brazil: +55 800 591 51 00

Turkey: +90 850 252 65 14

The Pros and Cons of mSpy


  • The most significant advantage of mSpy is that it is entirely invisible. So, for those who wonder if mSpy is detectable, here’s the main highlight. It is not. One can use mSpy to monitor a target device without letting the person know. The app will get installed in the target device discreetly and will stay hidden. 
  • Another benefit is that using mSpy is easy. To complete the setup process, it will take just a few minutes. Once done, you can start monitoring the target device through the control panel conveniently. You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to start using it. 
  • mSpy is accessible to everyone. Both parents and employers can use this app. Parents can monitor their child’s online activity and learn where they are at. Whereas employers can keep track of their employees and ensure that they are wasting their time while they are at work. 
  • When it comes to monitoring an iOS device, no one needs to root or jailbreak the target device. Everything will be done through the control panel. You need to install mSpy on the target device and start monitoring it. 
  • mSpy is loaded with lots of monitoring features. Whatever a person will like to monitor, they can do it with just one click. Be it geofencing, call logs, text messages, etc. One can use different features easily. 
  • mSpy customer service is available for customers 24×7. And the team is always proactive in answering different queries. You can contact the customer service department via email, phone, and live chat. 


  • mSpy is not an affordable phone monitoring application. It is pretty expensive and might not be affordable for many. The basic plan in comparison to all costs a lot. 
  • Although you don’t need to jailbreak or root a device, it will not cover all the features, which means you will be bound to jailbreak or root the target device if you want to use the full features. 
  • Some updates don’t get updated in real-time. There can be a few minutes delay. 

A Better Alternative to mSpy- iSeeGuard 

You have learned about the different features of mSpy and some of its cons. One of the most significant drawbacks of using mSpy is it is costly. Since price is one of the substantial consideration factors, it is better to consider an alternative that will offer all the features and won’t cost as high as mSpy. The recommended alternative phone monitoring app is iSeeGuard. This is a leading phone monitoring application and will let you monitor the target device secretly. 

Since everything gets done discreetly, the target device owner will never know who is monitoring them. Plus, it offers a gamut of features. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. In addition, using iSeeGuard is straightforward. 

Key Features 

SIM Card Tracker 

iSeeGuard will alert you about the target device’s IMEI number, carrier, and network. Not just this, you will also get to know whenever the target person changes their SIM card. 

Search History

You will undoubtedly want to know what your child browses when they go online. The website search history will help you learn about all the websites your child visits, bookmarked sites, and the number of times they visit these sites. 

Social Media Tracking 

There are many social media platforms, such as Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and Instagram. Your child could be at least one of them. To know what they do on these social media platforms, use the social media spy feature and learn about their online presence. 

WhatsApp Tracking 

Your child might have shared their WhatsApp number with unknown people and chatting with them. Also, WhatsApp allows everyone to share media files. Get to know who your child chats with the most on WhatsApp, their contact details, and see the profile picture. 

Geofence Alert and Location Tracking 

By enabling location tracking, you will get to know where your child is. If you worry about your child getting late, use the location tracking feature and find out their current address. Not just this, you can set a geofence alert and get alerted whenever they cross it. 

SMS and Call Tracking 

You will undoubtedly want to know who your child speaks to and shares messages with the most. The call tracking feature will let you learn about the call logs with both incoming and outgoing calls, along with the number of people. At the same time, the SMS tracking feature will let you know about incoming and outgoing text messages. 

The Verdict 

There is no doubt that mSpy is a credible phone monitoring application, but it’s pretty expensive, to begin with. The cost makes it inaccessible for many people. That’s why to consider an alternative like iSeeGuard that won’t burn your pockets and will provide similar monitoring features as mSpy. Visit iSeeGuard to learn more about it.