How to See Someone’s Likes on Instagram

how to see someone likes on instagram

“Recently, I have noticed a big change in my daughter’s attitude. She has started to stay in her room. She would refuse to spend some family time and use her phone a lot the entire day. Whenever I step into the bedroom to see if she is asleep, I would always find my daughter laughing or talking to someone on her phone. The liked posts will help me find out what type of company she engages with on Instagram. How can I look at her liked posts without her suspecting that I am tracking her Instagram account?”

Are you a worried parent or spouse who wants to see what your loved ones are secretly doing? First of all, you don’t have to feel bad for tracking and spying on your child or spouse. I know that you trust them, but sometimes keeping an eye on what they are doing on their Instagram activity is essential.

You don’t want your kids or spouse to feel uncomfortable because that will make things worse and awkward. Instead, you can secretly keep track of their likes, comments and following lists using the methods I have stated in this article below. Psst! Wear that detective hat, and let’s get going!

The Hardest Way of Tracking Someone’s Instagram

Firstly, you have to scroll through all the posts they have on their feed and then go through the list of Instagram likes until you find the name of the person you were looking for. Like that, you have to view every post and search for the same person to see if they liked it or not. If you want to see whether the person is following someone or not, tap the following tab and scroll to search for their usernames.

However, it will take you a long time to see every post they liked on Instagram, and oh boy! You might be caught red-handed by the phone’s owner. Imagine the horrific scene – you examining their Instagram posts, and you look up to find them standing right in front of you, frowning because you are using their phone.

This tracking method isn’t effective at all! Unless you come with a pot filled with some good luck. There is also a high chance that some of you are not able to see how often someone likes the user’s posts because they don’t follow them, or they might like that post after you check their phones.

Make Your Lives Easy and Use Snoopreport!

You now know how hard it is to go through someone’s Instagram posts manually. Well, why worry when I am here to help you in this secret mission? Let’s start by making your life easy!Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the Snoopreport spy app.

Benefits of Snoopreport – All the Secrets No One Knows!

Snoopreport will notify you when someone likes on Instagram posts that belong to your partners, children or celebrities. Wherever you want to sneak in, whether it’s your spouse or child’s account – you can track every Instagram user you know! Thus, if you are one of those people who want to see what kind of content the user likes or who they are following, then you should make your account today!

Want to know when someone was last active on Instagram? Instead of going to the activity tab to check their activity status, you can monitor how long someone remains on Instagram. It may be difficult for you to find out if they have spent a few more hours on their phones, but still, you will get a weekly report. Just power your brain to do a little bit of Math.

The daily Snoopreports will show you a pattern in the person’s Instagram activity. You will know if your children are following an account that contains illegal or inappropriate content that they are not allowed to watch. Do you want to find out what topics the people you follow read or want to see what someone likes? Then, rush to log onto Snoopreport today!

Let’s Talk About the Best Tracking App – iSeeGuard

iSeeGuard is a spy’s best friend! It is one of the most fantastic spying apps that you can use to track user activity on the Internet. Wherever you are or whatever time it is, this app will be your hawk eyes monitoring all the moves on the devices your loved ones are using. How can you benefit from using iSeeGuard? Let’s find out!

How can you install iSeeGuardfor tracking?

Want to spy on Instagram Users? You should use iSeeGuard! Oh, don’t worry about facing any issues downloading the app on your phone or website! You don’t have to be a tech expert to do it right. Plus, you can get this app on all IOS and Android devices. Isn’t this app super convenient to use to track someone’s activity?

First of all, you have to install this game-changer app on your smartphone and make an account using your email address, password and fill in all the personal details. You can sign up on the website on your computer. Don’t forget to save the log-in information. If you have an Android iPhone, you only have to download it from the app store and hide it from the device user. On the iOS platform, you will find their web-based app, so you don’t have to install anything.

What Are The Special Benefits You Can Gain From iSeeGuard?

Sometimes, tracking your loved one’s activity on Instagram won’t help. They can uninstall the app and continue doing things on other social media apps, SMS texts, or calling. If you want to see what someone is doing on their phones, use iSeeGuard.

You can monitor the browser history and the SMS messages someone receives. This app will keep you updated about whatever they are doing behind your back. These features will also help parents and spouses know what kind of information their loved ones are absorbing. This app also comes with a GPS tracking system that will let you know where your spouse or child is going.

Other than this, you can also see someone’s call log to let you know who’s calling them for what reason. You can see when and how often someone calls your spouse or child during the day. The best part is that you can switch to stealth mode, and your partner won’t know you are tracking their activity.

Which One is the Best? iSeeGuard VS Snoopreport

East or west – which spy app is the best? I know this question is stuck in your mind, and you have no idea which one of these spy apps you want to choose. Guess what? I got the answer for you. Drumroll, please! My personal favorite is the iSeeGuard because you can download it on all devices that support any software. This app also comes with tons of features that you can use to see what your loved one is doing.

While Snoopreport keeps you update about what is happening on public accounts on the Instagram app, iSeeGuard gives you all the nitty-gritty information you need about what they are secretly doing. So please don’t limit your sight to your partner’s likes on Instagram when you can spy on everything that is happening on their phones.

After making this comparison, you all can see many differences between each software’s function and features. If you want to look at a celebrity’s (or any public accounts) Instagram activity, then using Snooperreport is the best option. Otherwise, you can install iSeeGuard to track everything else other than someone’s Instagram accounts.

Our Takeaway

Some people may find it difficult to track someone’s activity on Instagram. That’s when most of you post questions related to spying and tracking accounts. To ensure that their children are safe from danger and their spouses aren’t fooling them, I posted this informative article on – Instagram on how to see someone’s activity and history. I hope that you find this valuable source helpful!