How to See Someone’s Activity on Facebook?

How to See Someone's Activity on Facebook?

Heads up! This blog is going to have to start with a serious note!

Why, you ask? I will explain in a moment.


Facebook is an open-source of personal information. One look at someone’s Facebook profile, and you can get a general idea of their personality and lifestyle.

Although initially a completely harmless social media platform, Facebook has become an open channel for all kinds of cyber atrocities. You might’ve come across multiple cases of cyber crimes, online stalking, and bullying that have happened around the globe in the past few decades. Being a part of the modern digital community, you can no longer shrug your shoulders and discard even 1% of the possibility of you getting affected by it!


As already mentioned, this blog is starting with a serious note because you need to understand why tracking someone’s Facebook activity is more defensive than an offensive act!


Now on a lighter note, Why you need to see someone’s Facebook activity?


If asked, answers that come to mind are:


You are concerned about your underage kid’s online activities

Your partner spends way too much time over Facebook

Your employees don’t deliver despite being on Facebook 24/7


If any of the above thoughts concerns you, then first, I will have to say that you’re being responsible and NOT intrusive if you want to see someone’s activity on Facebook!


Having that being said, in this blog, you will find mainly two ways to monitor someone’s Facebook activity.



How to See Someone’s Activity on Facebook?

With and Without a Tracking App!


Without any tracking App With a tracking App


·         Via their Facebook activity log

·         Via their Facebook side tab

·         Via their liked pages






·         Via Facebook monitoring App

iSeeGuardFacebook Spy App




Let’s go through each method in detail:


Checking Someone’s Facebook Activity Without any Tracking App


You can see someone’s activity log on Facebook without a password via their liked pages and side tabs.

You can always take the old fashion route of going through the pages your “target person” visits daily.


This method does not require you to take the help of a tracking App and make extra subscriptions. You can get someone’s Facebook activity knowledge based on the methods above; however, these methods do not provide much information.



  1. Checking Someone’s Recent Facebook Activity via their Activity Log


This method is applicable for those who have access to their target person’s mobile phone or password of their Facebook account. You can go to their Activity Log and find out photos, posts, stories, friends list, and even newly added/ removed friends, as well as hidden posts that are not shown on their timeline.



  1. Checking Someone’s Recent Facebook Activity via Side Tab



With the help of the Facebook notification center, you can see someone’s recent Facebook activity without having their phones in your hand or downloading any tracking App.

If the person whose Facebook activity you want to monitor has you on their friend’s list, then you can use this method to check their recent activity. First, ensure that their profile is public and their posts are listed under public or friends only and not private. Then, click on their Facebook side tab, and you will be able to check their new posts, friend requests, comments, group messages, and so on.

Facebook notification center alerts you in real-time whenever your friend gets a new friend request.


Steps to follow:

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Click on the notifications icon that is next to the chat tab. It will be represented as a bell.
  3. You will readily get a quick view of your friend’s recent Facebook activities, including friend requests, group messages, new posts, etc.


For parental control purposes, this is a handy method to know what online friends your children are in contact with. However, this method provides only a limited amount of information about someone’s Facebook activity. For more, you should consider more tangible options, such as monitoring Apps.


  1. Checking Someone’s Recent Facebook Activity via their liked pages


Provided that you are on your target person’s friends list, you can check their Facebook activity via their liked pages. You will gain information about their favorites and interests (TV shows, music, sports clubs, books, etc.) on Facebook, as well as the posted photos, videos, and others. This one also requires that their account is made public or friends only; only then can you check their liked pages.


Steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your Facebook page.
  2. Visit your friend’s profile page.
  3. Go to the “More” icon, and from the drop-down menu, select “Likes.”
  4. You can then check their favorite pages as per different categories. For example, you can see what TV shows, movies, books, or music they like. You can check each category one by one.


This one is an easy way to track someone’s Facebook activity based on their liked pages. However, it doesn’t remain that effective in case the profile is either private or fake. Due to these reasons, there has to be a more plausible solution for reliable tracking. This is where the next section comes in.



Checking someone’s Facebook activity with a tracking App


Tracking or monitoring Apps does the job for you in the easiest way with no hassle. All you need is a well-approved tracking mobile App with proficient Facebook activity monitoring.


There are many advantages of using a Facebook tracker App for Facebook monitoring over not using any tracker App.

For starters, there is no need for you to become your target person’s Facebook friend or, as a parent, try to get a hold of their mobile phones. Moreover, besides the usual likes and interests, you can also go in-depth and check all their Facebook messages, notifications, comments, media files, and even secret conversations!


Get the best one among tracker Apps, get iSeeGuard! It provides the best monitoring features with secure and discreet tracing functions. iSeeGuard Facebook Spy App is the right choice and is trusted by many users!


iSeeGuard Facebook Spy allows discreet and secured mobile Monitoring.


Users can:

  • Check and track Facebook messages
  • Check Facebook activity log without being noticed
  • Keep track of the contact logs
  • View shared pictures, posts, and videos


iSeeGuard Facebook Monitoring App Facebook Spy


iSeeGuard Facebook Spy App is a Facebook monitoring App that is compatible with multiple devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

It is facilitated with a competent parental control feature that allows you to keep track of your children’s online activity and protect them from malicious content or people. It is also an excellent aid to monitor the Facebook activities of your employees and keep a check over their interactions with clients or your competitors!

You get access to their contact logs, shared content, messages, call history, and other social media activities.

You get to remotely access and control someone’s device to prevent inappropriate messages from coming through by blocking the source. You can also block suspicious websites so that the minors in your family won’t access them.



Why do you need iSeeGuard Facebook Spy?


A person’s Facebook activity says a lot about them. For example, what they prefer in terms of entertainment? What are their interests? Are they political or liberal? Are they viewing age-appropriate online content? iSeeGuard App helps you find out answers to all these and more!


As a parent

If you constantly worry about your underage child’s online activities, then you must get this App! You can rid yourself of all those worries by simply monitoring your child’s Facebook activities and blocking those you don’t find appropriate. In addition, you can protect your children from online trolls with malicious intent. This App is handy for modern parents who can’t spare enough time tracking their kid’s every single online activity. It’s a must-have App nowadays since the new post-COVID education culture of digitization.


As an employer

Facebook is a great platform to carry on essential business chats and client relationships. Although to keep a check on how much work-related the Facebook activities of your employees are, iSeeGuard is the best option!

Your employees can waste precious work hours chatting with co-workers and not sharing productive information with their clients.

Your competitors can try to lure the most competent employees over Facebook chats.

If you have iSeeGuard installed, you won’t have to worry about any of that!


As a spouse

Unfortunately, extra-marital affairs are hugely shielded under the private sections on Facebook. Without a tracker, you cannot have access to the private Facebook messages of your cheating partner and might stay in the dark forever until it’s too late! iSeeGuard allows you to clear out your doubts on your faithful spouse and catch the unfaithful ones!


If you want to see someone’s activity on Facebook without their knowledge, iSeeGuard Facebook Spy App is the best choice. Here are some main monitoring features of Isengard’s Facebook Spy App that users experience on Facebook.


Some of the main features of iSeeGuard Facebook Spy monitoring App are as follows


  • ü The App updates all the monitored data in real-time; hence there is no question of leaving any data out.
  • ü You can access all Facebook posts, likes, comments, notifications, and even private posts.
  • ü You can also check the deleted Facebook messages besides the secret ones.
  • ü You can check a person’s likes, interests via this App.
  • ü You can check even the hidden messages that are not shown on the timelines.
  • ü You can check their messages even if the account is made private.
  • ü You can easily track the message logs and history of every incoming and outgoing Facebook message on Facebook messenger.
  • ü You can see their friends list and who are recently added or removed.
  • ü You get to check the Facebook screen activity of the target device in real-time.



How to install and start using iSeeGuard Facebook Spy App?


The installation procedure is simple and easy to follow. Here is the step by step guide to starting using the App to see someone’s activity on Facebook:


You can begin tracking Facebook messages in 4 simple steps:


*insert screenshots of the steps


Step 1: Create your iSeeGuard Facebook Spy App account

Sign up and create a free account on the official website. Use a valid email ID. Then, choose the device you want to use the App on.


Step 2: Download iSeeGuard Facebook Spy App

On the target mobile device, visit to download iSeeGuard Facebook Spy App.

Log into your official iSeeGuard account and finish the setup process. This step also checks the compatibility of the App with your device.


Step 3: Choose a monthly plan

After downloading the iSeeGuard’s Facebook Spy App on a mobile device, choose the offered monthly plan that suits you best. Our offered plan packages range from starters, growth and enterprise plans. Please visit the website for complete details.


Step 4: Start monitoring Facebook activity

After the App is successfully set up, the App icon disappears from the target device. This feature keeps the App under stealth mode and prevents you from being discovered. The App drains no battery %age and does not slow down or overheat the device.


You can then visit iSeeGuard Facebook Spy App official website and log into the online dashboard.


Select the “Facebook” option and start monitoring the Facebook activities of your target person right away!


In Conclusion


In short, monitoring Facebook activity is no longer an objectionable act. For the sake of complete cyber protection, download iSeeGuard’s Facebook Spy App.

You can remotely access the App and keep an eye on the Facebook activity of your child/ employee/spouse/ acquaintance while remaining undetected.