Spyic Review- Is this the Best Phone Monitoring App?


Spyic is one of the leading phone monitoring apps with hosts of features that will allow you to monitor the target device’s smartphone impeccably. This phone monitoring app claims that it can track real-time locations, calls, incoming and outgoing messages, check app usage, and much more. All in all, it will let you keep an eye on the target device phone usage and digital space. If you are reading this article, then you are probably interested in phone monitoring apps. To make things easier for you, we present our Spyic review to make an informed decision. This review will tell you about the features of Spyic, its pros and cons, Spyic cost/price, and more.

What is it Spyic?

Spyic is essentially a phone monitoring application that allows you to secretly keep track of your child’s or the target device. It doesn’t tell the target device about who is spying or monitoring them. Everything happens remotely and in stealth mode. Once you download Spyic, you will gain access to the target device without any hassle. Spyic has a control panel that stores all the information gained from the target device and assures that it doesn’t save anything.

Spyic is available for both Android and iOS users. So, no matter what device you want to monitor, you will be able to do that by using Spyic. Spyic offers a free demo service, where it will talk about its features and help you understand how to use it. Before getting Spyic, we recommend watching the free demo. Spyic is quite a popular phone monitoring application and is used by both parents and employers.

What are the Features of Spyic?

Spyic offers a gamut of features, and these features help create a safe digital environment for the child. Let’s take a look at each of these features:


If you want to know what your kid types in on their device, the Keylogger function will turn out to be beneficial. The keylogger function will work on different websites, social media platforms, and even eCommerce sites seamlessly. From capturing words to digits, the keylogger will remember everything and show you a detailed report.

Social Apps Tracking

Every child is available on different social media platforms these days. Even if social media sites ask if the person is 18 years and over, they can easily surpass it by entering a fake birth year; Spyic can help you monitor all the social media platforms that your child could be using, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Kik, Tumblr, etc. Private messages will be shown to you, both incoming and outgoing.

SIM card and Calendar

The calendar feature will tell you about the saved events. Now, these events could be related to someone’s birthday, exam date, traveling, and other details. So, if you want to know about your child’s plans, the calendar feature will be really helpful.

Whereas the SIM card feature will show the details of the used SIM card. Another thing that this phone monitoring app can help you with is SIM Card Alert, meaning if the target device goes through a SIM card change, you will get notified about the same.

Apps Track

Since you know that Play Store and Apple Store have a galore of apps that might and might not be suitable for your child, the apps tracking feature will tell you the kind of apps stored in your child’s device. Some apps can be extremely dangerous for them, such as adult apps and so on.

Video Preview

Who knows what type of videos are stored on your child’s device? They might have saved adult videos, animal abuse videos, meme videos that are not suitable for their age, and so on. The list can go on and on. So, the video preview feature will let you check the kind of videos your child has saved and gain access to them right away.

Photos Preview

Just like you can check all the videos downloaded or stored in the target device, you can also check photos saved in the device. Images that are received from different messing apps are downloaded from the internet and captured; everything can be tracked using the photo preview feature. However, the drawback is that the photos will be shown in a small icon and won’t let you enlarge them. So, for some pictures, it could turn out to be challenging to make out what these photos are about.

Browser History

Browser history is a typical phone monitoring feature. Through browsing history, you will be able to monitor what your child does when he or she uses the web browser. The browser history is one of the main highlights because it works perfectly. From the websites your child has browsed to bookmarked websites, everything will be available in an instant.

Current Locations

If you worry about your child’s whereabouts, why not try the current locations of Spyic? It keeps track of the location of the target device 24×7. If you feel that your child is late for home, just check their location and be assured that they are safe.

Geofencing Alert

Let’s say you want to create a virtual boundary for your child, and receive alerts whenever they cross the border. For this very purpose, Spyic has added the geofencing alert feature. If you don’t want them to go off certain limits, geofencing will let you do that.

Messages Track

Kids these days use all sorts of messaging apps. They have Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, and more. To find out who they are sharing messaging with on these popular chatting applications, you can use the messages track feature and get full information about it.

Call Logs and Contacts

Just click on the contacts icon on the dashboard and browse through all the contacts saved in the target device. If saved, you will get to know about the names, phone numbers, addresses, and email IDs. Plus, the Spyic app allows you to monitor call logs as well. You will get to know who your child talks to more often, who they are, for how long do they talk, and when they speak to them.

Pros and Cons of Spyic App

The tons of features that Spyic has to offer make it one of the best phone monitoring apps, but despite having so many features, there are some cons. So, let’s figure out the pros and cons of the Spyic app.


  • The photo and video finder features work perfectly. It shows every photo and video stored in the target device.
  • The call log and contact function work seamlessly as well. It gives you detailed data of both incoming and outgoing calls, caller names, phone numbers, time and date, and more.
  • You can quickly check the saved contacts and learn who your kid calls the most.
  • Calendar events are always up-to-date, letting you learn about your kid’s activities.
  • Keylogger function works decently as well.
  • The customer service offered by Spyic is excellent. The team is quick and resolves issues correctly.
  • You will face no problem in using the control panel. It’s intuitive and straightforward to use.
  • Spyic is available for both Android and iOS users.


  • The most significant disadvantage of Spyic is its location feature. It takes time to get updated. In case of an emergency, this can turn out to be dangerous.
  • The same goes for the web history feature. It doesn’t show updated web history. Not that it won’t, but updating the information takes time.
  • Viewing videos is easy with Spyic, but you may face some issues if you want to download them for your perusal.

Spyic Pricing

There are three plans offered by Spyic to both iOS and Android users when it comes to pricing.

For Android Users

Family Plan

One month license: $39.99

Three months license: $59.99

12 months license: $99.99

Premium Plan

One month license: $49.99

Three months license: $69.99

12 months license: $119.99

Family Plan

One month license: $69.99

Three months license: $99.99

12 months license: $199.99

For iOS Users

Premium Plan

One month license: $49.99

Three months license: $79.99

12 months license: $129.99

Family Plan

One month license: $99.99

Three months license: $199.99

12 months license: $399.99

Business Plan

One month license: $399.99

Three months license: $699.99

12 months license: $999.99

As you can see, the pricing plan for iOS users is higher than for Android users. For iOS, you don’t have to worry about jailbreaking the target device, and the family plan will let you monitor up to five devices. On the other hand, when it comes to Android pricing plans, the premium plan will let you monitor three devices without rooting the device. Hence, the premium plan and family plan for both is the best plan to choose.

Spyic- How Does it Work?

Step 1: Visit the Spyic website and create an account.

Step 2: You will have to choose the device’s OS. Once done, follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Step 3: The set-up process will take some time to get finished. Once done, you will be able to start monitoring the target device remotely.

Spyic Alternative- iSeeGuard

If you check the pricing policy of Spyic, you will notice that it is pretty expensive. iOS plans, in particular, are priced tremendously high, which is why this phone monitoring app becomes inaccessible for iOS users. The pricing policy for Android phones is still bearable, but kids these days demand iOS phones.

Plus, even after paying the exorbitant price, it can indeed become troublesome if you end up receiving non-updated data. To eliminate the pricing problem and update the data issue, it is better to look for an alternative. And the recommended phone monitoring application to go for is iSeeGuard. iSeeGuard is available for both Android and iOS users and won’t be as expensive as Spyic.

Whatever features you find here at Spyic will be available that at a much affordable price. From gaining access to call logs to contact, from seeing both incoming and outgoing messages to setting geofencing, iSeeGaurd is a reliable phone monitoring tool. In addition, all the data and figures get uploaded on the dashboard, which means iSeeGuard never saves anything on its database. Let’s check out some of the features of iSeeGaurd.

Key Features

Track Calls

If you see your child calling and receiving calls most of the time, try the track calls feature to know who they speak to most of the time. iSeeGuard will show you the real-time call logs with the date and time.

Call Logs and Contacts

Every incoming and outgoing call gets saved by iSeeGuard, and it gets uploaded on the dashboard so that you can keep an eye on their contact list.

SMS Reader

Your child could be harassed or bullied by someone because they are glued to their text message service. Try the SMS reader feature and figure out both incoming and outgoing messages to know what is really going on.

Geofencing and Real-Time Location

The geofencing feature will enable you to create a virtual boundary for your child. And whenever they cross the geofence, you will receive a notification. And to know where they are going or where they are, you can use the real-time location feature to know about your child’s whereabouts.

Stealth Mode

iSeeGuard lets you monitor your child’s online activities and digital presence secretly. The stealth mode ensures that your child doesn’t come to know who is keeping an eye on them.

Browse Web History

Unlike Spyic, iSeeGiard shows you the latest web browsing history. Get to know if your child is exploring content that is not meant for them. If they are, speak to them about the harmful content and how dangerous it can be for their young mind.

Social Media Track

Every child is on social media these days. Through the social media track feature, you will learn about their social media presence. iSeeGuard can help you track their Snapchat, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms that your child might be using.

SIM Card Tracker

If you doubt that your child could be using another SIM card to speak to people, the SIM card tracker will efficiently let you know about it.

Final Verdict

Indeed, Spyic is a good phone monitoring app. Some of its features are fantastic; however, this phone monitoring app is not free from cons. The price that you will pay for using Spyic is honestly unaffordable, which is why you should think of another alternative. iSeeGuard, thus, becomes a good alternative. It provides you with all the phone monitoring features, and you don’t need to worry about the price. To download iSeeGuard, visit the official website.