Mobistealth Review 2021- The Best Alternative for Mobistealth

mobistealth review

The era that we are living in is greatly influenced by technology and catchy gadgets. Things like mobile phones and the internet have become common to every household.

From conducting business via emails to staying in touch with our friends and family, all our activities are done using a cellphone and a stable internet connection.

These handy tools have become a need for adults and children to sustain themselves in these technologically advanced times.

Despite being a must-have for every child and having an immense number of benefits for them, these tools have some downsides as well.

Kids have a habit of trying new things out and challenging what their elders tell them to do. So, it could be a bad idea to give these tools unsupervised to them. You also need to make sure that your kids aren’t cyberbullied or unintentionally get themselves in a dangerous position.

If you are a concerned parent who only wants what’s best for your child, then getting a parental control app would be the way to go!

Wondering which phone tracking app is a good buy? If so, then this review article would be worth the read.

So, let’s jump right to it!

What Is the Mobistealth Mobile Tracker App?

Mobistealth is a phone tracking app that could be used to keep tabs on your children, employees, or any of your loved ones.

This app would help you monitor the messages, calls, location, and other sorts of activities done on the target device, so you always stay updated on what its users are up to.

Whether the target device is working on Android or iOS, you need to worry as the Mobistealth phone monitor is compatible with both operating systems.

So, if you are a parent who is protective of their children or a business owner who wants to ensure that the employees don’t waste their time, then the Mobistealth app would be worth your money!

How The Mobistealth Phone Monitoring App Works

Gone are the days when you had to adopt the manual ways to keep an eye on your kids. Now you need an intelligent smartphone monitoring app to get the job done.

Curious about the working of this fantastic app? If so, then we have got you covered!

The Mobistealth app collects all the target device’s activity information and uploads it to the Mobistealth user account. From there, you can access the information you are looking for and stay updated about the user’s activities. As handy as it gets!

With the Mobistealth app and its stunning features, you can ensure that your employees stay productive and your loved ones are protected. A neat solution to your modern-day problems.

Mobistealth Installation Guide

Installing the Mobistealth app is relatively easy. You just need to follow these simple steps to get started:

  • First of all, go to and sign up by creating an account
  • Next, choose the pricing plan that suits you best and make payment accordingly
  • If you want to monitor an iPhone or an iPad, you would just need to know the iTunes details of the target device. While for all other types of devices, you would need to install the Mobistealth app on that particular device
  • The installation process wouldn’t take much time, and the Mobistealth app would become hidden as soon as the process gets completed
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can log into your control panel and start monitoring the user’s activities

Features of the Mobistealth App

While looking to buy a phone tracking app, it is essential to know about its features. The Mobistealth app provides extensive features, so you don’t miss out on any of your child’s activities.

Wondering what the Mobistealth mobile tracker app has in store for you? Then this section would answer all your feature-related questions:

SMS and Call Tracking

The Mobistealth app, like most of the phone tracking apps in the market, allows SMS and call tracking.

With this feature of Mobistealth, you can monitor the incoming and outgoing call and message details. If the sender’s or receiver’s phone number is already saved on the target device, the contact would be automatically mapped in the Mobistealth app. This way, you would always know who your loved ones or employees remain in contact with.

Call Recording

The Mobistealth phone monitor also allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. This feature lets you ensure that your kid doesn’t fall into bad company and that your employees don’t waste company resources by making random calls to their family members during office time.

This feature is available for Android devices only, so you need to consider this while getting the app.

Location Tracking

Do you worry when your child comes in late from school and doesn’t pick your calls? Well, we know you would!

To save yourself from this stress and to put your heart at ease, you can use the location tracking feature of the Mobistealth mobile tracker app. Location tracking would allow you to monitor your child’s location even when the GPS is disabled on the target device.

This feature is available for both operating systems, so you need not worry about having an Android or iOS smartphone.

Mobistealth Keylogger

This feature would allow you to record all the keystrokes made on the target device. The keylogger feature helps to keep track of what the user is typing and searching online. Mobistealth keylogger is available for Android devices, Mac, and Windows computers.

Surround Recordings

One of the top features of the Mobistealth app is surround recordings which allow you to bug the target device and record what’s going on in the device’s surroundings.

You can listen to the recorded audio remotely from anywhere and at the time which you find convenient.

This feature is only supported by Android devices.

Gmail Monitoring

This feature of the Mobistealth phone monitor could come in real handy if you want to track the business dealings of your employees.

With Mobistealth’s Gmail monitoring, you can get remote access to the Gmail activities performed on the target device. This would allow you to read the sent and received emails, check the sender’s or recipient’s contact details, find out the date and time of the correspondence, and go through the email history log.

This feature could be utilized by Android devices only.

Chat Messengers Monitoring

With the Mobistealth mobile tracker app, you can not only keep tabs on the calls and SMS the target device receives but also monitor all the chat messenger applications running on that device.

You can monitor the text chat and certain other details for applications like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Kik.

You may or may not be able to track some of these applications depending on your target device, like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, and Viber cannot be tracked using an iOS device. Kik and Line tracking features are not supported by an Android device, while windows computers only support Skype tracking.

Pictures, Contacts, App List, and Web Monitor

The Mobistealth mobile tracker app allows you to monitor all the pictures stored on the target device (supported only for Android devices).

You can also view the web browsing history, the contacts saved, and the list of apps installed on the target device (supported for Android and iOS devices) using this feature of the Mobistealth app.

Compatibility of the Mobistealth App

The Mobistealth mobile tracker app is compatible with the following devices:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows PC
  • Mac

Pricing Plan of the Mobistealth App

Looking for a good phone tracking app loaded with features that wouldn’t cost you a pretty penny? Then Mobistealth is the solution to all your phone tracking worries!

The pricing plan of the Mobistealth app depends on the device you want to track. Let’s look at the pricing plan for all types of devices in detail.

Android Device

Planning to track an Android device? If so, you can select from these two packages:

Pro Package

  • 1 month plan for $59.99
  • 3 months plan for $79.99
  • 12 months plan for $149.99

Pro-X Package

  • 1 month plan for $69.99
  • 3 months plan for $99.99
  • 12 months plan for $179.99

iOS Device

If you are planning to track an iOS device, you can select the following package:

Premium Plus Package

  • 3 months plan for $49.99

Windows Computer

For PCs, the following pricing plan is applicable:

Pro Package

  • 3 months plan for $59.99
  • 6 months plan for $79.99
  • 12 months plan for $99.99


Lastly, if you want to track Mac users, then this package is meant for you:

Lite Package

  • 3 months plan for $39.99
  • 6 months plan for $59.99
  • 12 months plan for $79.99

One of the best things about this app is that you can avail the 15-day Mobistealth free trial for your ultimate satisfaction. During the 15 days, if you are not satisfied with this app, you can ask for a full refund, and the Mobistealth team would make sure you get your total amount back.

Best Alternative for the Mobistealth Mobile Tracker App

If the Mobistealth app doesn’t fit right to your needs for any number of reasons and you are looking for its best alternative, then look no further than iSEEGuard.

iSEEGuard, with its top-notch features and all at a price too good to be true, makes it one of the best phone tracking apps in the market.

Let’s take a look at what the iSEEGuard app has to offer.

Products Offered By iSEEGuard

This one-of-a-kind parental control app has the following products to offer:

Features of the iSEEGuard App

iSEEGuard is nothing less than exceptional when it comes to its features. Take a look at its amazing features and decide for yourself!

It is hard to imagine all these features in a single phone tracking app. iSEEGuard does it all, making it one of the best spy apps in the market.

What Makes iSEEGuard The Best Alternative for the Mobistealth App?

There are plenty of phone tracking apps in the market to choose from, but when it comes to choosing the safest bet, the only app that comes to mind is iSEEGuard.

iSEEGuard with tons of features under its belt and that too without costing a fortune makes it the obvious choice. And the fact that this app has been featured on one of the most prestigious platforms like Forbes, HubSpot, Wired, and The Guardian speaks volumes about its credibility.

Here is the pricing plan for this parental control app:

  • The basic plan costs $49.99 per month
  • The premium plan costs $16.66 per month
  • The family plan costs $99.99 per month

This phone tracking app could serve you well whether you are a concerned parent or a vigilant employer. It can help keep your loved ones safe and ensure that they only make good choices in their life. While if you are getting this app for your employees, you can track their activities to maximize their productivity.

Summing It Up!

Tracking what someone is up to while sitting in the comfort of your chair would have sounded like a far-fetched thing in the past. But with the advancement in technology, tracking is made easy with apps like Mobistealth and iSEEGuard.

For a long time, parents have wondered what their kids do on their smartphones. While business owners have a constant need to ensure the company’s time and resources are never wasted.

The common solution to all these problems is getting a phone tracking app to monitor your loved ones or employees.

We have listed two of the best phone tracking apps in the market to make your selection decision easier, i.e., the Mobistealth app and its best alternative, iSEEGuard.

So, choose any of the two and put your spying hat on!