How to read facebook messages without password

how to read facebook messages without password

Ever suspected someone for some reason and wants to dive into their social media as that’s only you could get a better idea of them? Well, that’s a very valid concern as the human brain tends to doubt a good few people because of one reason or the other.

Maybe you think someone is backbiting you or cheating on you. You would want to read someone’s Facebook messages; this write-up got you covered in all cases as we tell you through it how can you still read someone’s Facebook direct messages without having their password.

However, to do that, we need to take some pre-steps to ensure that you can spy the messages correctly. Here are a few steps to take before you crack down on someone’s messenger.


Checking on someone’s Facebook messages deprived of a password cannot be considered stalking anymore. This is because, with the increase in harassment, cyber-bullying, and other evil worldly acts, anyone can be saved from harm if messages of suspects are looked into and dealt with accordingly.

What feels like stalking to you might save someone from a sexual predator, or your kid might have been a victim of cyberbullying, and cracking the messages might save them from taking any harsh steps. Moreover, if someone decides to close off the seen on their last activity, cracking down messages is a great way to check their productivity levels, which is a tremendous parental and work tool.

Now Facebook spy apps come with various features and should be looked into before choosing the right one. Some spy apps features include; tracking Facebook direct messages while also tracking call records and capturing screenshots which is the ultimate level of evidence you may need to clear or confirm your suspicion against someone.

One such tech-savvy app is “iSeeGuard” which cuts its powerful operations and easy-to-use interface. The app ensures 100% security and privacy and remains hidden on the device so that you don’t have to concern about any notifications going to the suspect regarding false Facebook logins. This app doesn’t require or leak any personal information either.

Just set up the app on your device and see the desired person’s messages through an only portal, quick and efficient just like that.


Any website or article that claims that you can read someone’s Facebook messages without getting into the target device would only create a hiatus and plunges you into websites that bring the virus to your devices or keeps redirecting you to spam websites. You would end up in the middle of nowhere, still, try to find a way to crack into someone’s Facebook messages.

For this purpose, it’s essential to have at least one-time access to the target device to install a Facebook spy in it. Since the target device doesn’t show the app, there are no chances of you being caught. Moreover, it’s impossible even with the current and ongoing advancements in technology to install a spy app on the target device out of nowhere, so it only makes sense to have one-time access to the target device.


To access the target device, you should have a good idea of its pin or password, whatever it’s protected by. You cannot take a chance with this as some phone switches off permanently if multiple wrong attempts on the password or some phones also capture a picture of the person continuously trying to crack the code to the phone wrongly. So it would help if you were careful with this.


Installing spy apps means that your internet connection needs to be stable to be installed quickly and easily and functions efficiently.

To conclude, before attempting to read someone’s Facebook messages, you need to know of a good Facebook spy app, have access to the target, ensure you understand the password, and then have a stable internet connection to be able to read the messages finally.


The entire process of installing and setting up a connection using iSeeGuard takes 5 minutes and can be done in 3 straightforward steps. That’s amazing considering that this Facebook spy app is powerful and helpful yet easy and efficient to use.

All you need to get started is access to the target device and complete the pre-steps mentioned earlier to begin reading the Facebook messages.

  • Sign-up for an account at iSeeGuard

iSeeGuard is a paid app and comes with various pricing plans that you can pay for and avail of according to your desire. All you have to do is click on the Sign-up key and then enter an email address currently in use.

Next, you will select and pay for the pricing plan most suitable for you on the target device.

  • Download and connect iSeeGuard:

Access your target device and on its browser, write so that the iSeeGuard assistant is downloaded, installed, and set up on your phone.

Once the app has been successfully downloaded, a window will appear to download the apk file to finish the installation. Make sure to remove the browsing history and the apk file that you downloaded on the pointed device not to be noticed. This will ensure that you are not detected at any cost.

  • Login on the online console to check out all the Facebook messages:

The best part of this app is that once you install iSeeGuard on the target device, it will go into invisibility mode.

To monitor one’s direct Facebook messages and other activities, all you have to do is log in at the iSeeGuard control panel and choose Facebook from the left panel. You do this, and you now have access to someone’s entire Facebook message history without needing a password to access their Facebook account.


With the increasing evil in this world, it’s only fair to keep a check on social media activity, especially that of the younger generation, as they tend to fall prey to many things out of curiosity and naivety.

By accessing to read someone’s Facebook messages, you can prevent cyber-bullying, cyber-harassment, any planned attempt at any evil act, and much more. In addition, it allows you to keep a check and balance on your kids, protecting their mentality and personality from any harm. You can also keep a great review and balance on your work environment to see if someone is productive or counter-productive and only wasting time messaging.

Moreover, sharing any explicit content, including pornography, can be prevented or revolted if it has already started to avoid nastiness and vulgarity from spreading further. All of this can benefit people in numerous ways, and collectively people can look beyond this as being stalking.


Reading someone’s Facebook messages is not unethical if the person is highly suspected of something fishy or evil. It’s instead a way to protect people from harm and take prompt action on any harmful acts going on before they get out of hand.

Moreover, it’s s a great way to monitor your kids and maintain strict parental supervision over them. It’s also essential for company managers to keep track of their employees and analyze their performance to counsel them for their benefit.