How to Track Facebook Messages Free without the Phone?

how to spy on facebook messages free without the phone

 You can now spy on someone’s Facebook messages even if they do not have a phone.

The online domain does not always have private and secure activities; anyone with the necessary knowledge and tools may access any information on the internet, regardless of how secure it appears to be. In addition, people who are more socially active on different social media networks, including Facebook messaging, are subject to unwanted inspection.

Is there a method to spy on Facebook Messenger without having access to the target phone? Without a doubt! We will show you how to do it in two different ways in the sections below.

Reasons to Track Facebook Messages of Someone

In most criminal cases, police take full responsibility and spy on suspected people. They monitor their Facebook messages to save other people from severe monetary and criminals activities and charge them monetary and criminal penalties.

A concerned parent may need to watch the Facebook messages of their children to see what discussions they are having and which people or types of friends they are talking to on Facebook Messenger.

A snooping spouse uses Facebook communications of his or her partner to calm the strained nerves and comfort himself or herself that the partner is loyal and not cheating on him or her.

An employer may need to track employees’ productivity at work by determining how much time they spend chatting on Facebook Messenger and figuring out who uses the company’s Wi-Fi the most by sharing large format entertaining videos on business time.

Do you think spying on Facebook messages of someone is such a bad thing to do? You can now Spy Facebook messages of someone even without their phones with the methods. There are also some ethical reasons to spy on someone. 

Illegal Tracking Facebook Messages

In this era of technology, people are not spying on someone for legal reasons but, criminals also steal the information of the target people through Facebook messages. They get crucial information from their phones, such as phone numbers, passwords, addresses, ATM pins, bank account details, and so on. It is only possible if the Facebook messenger app is your default messaging app on your mobile device. 

Is Track Facebook Messages Without Target Phone True?

Yes, it is true. Inevitably anyone can spy on any Facebook Messenger account without a target phone. You can spy on someone’s Facebook messenger in the following effective ways. 

Ways to Track Someone Facebook Messages of Someone.

With the help of these methods, you can spy on anyone’s Facebook chats and examine any photos, videos, or audio that the user sent from Facebook Messenger.

How to Track Facebook Messages for Free using Facebook ID and Password?

You can spy on someone by logging into the Facebook account of the target device through a computer to read the messages. This way is very effective for spying but, it has a drawback. No one can log in to the target person’s Facebook account unless he has the Facebook ID and password of the target user. 

How to Track Facebook Messages for Free using Forgot Password?

Unquestionably, you can quickly check Facebook messages of anyone if you have Facebook ID and password of that person. But it isn’t easy to get the Facebook account ID and password of the person. If you want a free method to spy on, then you should follow this method. However, this method of spying is more complicated. Further, it is unnecessary for you would get desired results. For this method of spying, you must log in to the Facebook account of the target person on his or her cell phone which is linked to an email ID or a phone number. 

There are some steps below you can follow to know how you can spy on someone’s Facebook messages for free without the target phone. 

Step1: First, you need to open the login page of the Facebook application. Then to get access to the Facebook account of the target person you are spying on, put his or her email ID to log in. Now, leave the password blank and click on the Forgot Password link.

Step2: Now, you will see options to select, click the option No longer have access to this email. Then you need to enter the new email ID. On this email ID, you will receive the Facebook account password reset link.

Step3: Now, you will see the security questions to answer correctly. Then you can reset the password on the password reset page. After resetting the password, you need to click on the option to stay logged in to spy on the target Facebook account on your mobile or computer. 

You cannot spy on the Facebook account if you do not answer the security questions of the target person correctly. If the target phone user finds it out that someone else has logged in to his or her account, he or she can simply select the option to log out from all other devices, and you will lose access to his or her Facebook account. Further, the target person can reset his or her password again when he or she cannot log in to his or her Facebook account with his password because you have already changed the password. 

How to Track Facebook Messages Using Third-Party App?

The other way is to use any third-party spy apps to track Facebook messages of the targeted person. This method of spying through the third-party app is practical and simpler than the first one. In this way of spying, you do not need to have any information about the Facebook ID and Password of the targeted person. 

Yet, Facebook spying apps enable people to keep a close eye on the Facebook activities of someone. These applications help to track any Facebook messages of the mobile phone user you are spying on. With these spy apps, the target phone user can never recognize that someone is spying on him or her. As these apps are undetectable and stay invisible on the target phone device. 

However, in this spying way, you require accessing the target person’s phone at least once. Later, after accessing the target device once, you do not need it again, then you can easily spy on the Facebook messenger. 

iSeeGuard is one of the best third-party apps. iSeeGuard provides legality of using to allow anyone to spy on online or computer activity of other people. For example, you may use iSeeGuard to catch a cheating partner or employee by spying on their text messages, WhatsApp chats, and other social media conversations. 

The iSeeGuard monitoring software allows you to view private Facebook messages of someone. Further, the time and date of the Messages and the names and profiles of the people whom the person chats on Facebook. It will also allow you to view videos, photographs, and voice notes the person has exchanged. Many Facebook spy apps, such as iSeeGuard, provide you with a real-time update on the Facebook activity and save the information in a cache without accessing the computer or the target mobile phone to spy on the Facebook messages of a suspicious person. 

iSeeGuard has the following features:

  • To use the iSeeGuard app, you do not need to root or jailbreak the target device. For the iSeeGuard Facebook tracker, you do not require having to jailbreak. With jailbreaking, you can remove any restrictions on the device. In simple words, this process is about cracking the mobile device. 
  • iSeeGuard is a user-friendly app that is easy to use. You do not need to be technical savvy even a novice user of the app can download and install the app with no difficulty just in a few minutes.
  • iSeeGuard considers the best spying app because of the powerful features of Facebook spying. It enables you to read text messages, track the real-time location, record keystrokes, and you can automatically take screenshots of the target person.
  • When you use iSeeGuard, it uploads all the data on the target mobile phone or computer in real-time. Furthermore, you can quickly transfer all the data of the Facebook messenger of the targeted person to your device. 
  • iSeeGuard provides customer support service 24/7 in different languages if you need any help to regard iSeeGuard purchase and installation. 
  • As compared to the other Facebook spy apps, iSeeGuard offers its plans at a very affordable price. 
  • iSeeGuard is undetectable. No one can detect the app. This application is completely invisible on the target device, and one can find even a trace. When you install this app on the device it works in a background mode. Therefore, the users can never detect this installed application in their devices. 
  • You merely need to get the target device physically only once to verify the permission of connecting the target device to your device. Unless you uninstall the iSeeGuard app from the target mobile phone, you will always get the Facebook data.

What can iSeeGuard do in Facebook Monitoring?

iSeeGuard is a monitoring app that monitors all the Facebook functions of any device. You can check all the incoming and outgoing messages of someone on Facebook inbox and Messenger app. Besides, you can check all the notifications of the Facebook account of the person you are spying on. It helps you to view all the Facebook account photos the targeted person has saved. Additionally, you can check how much Facebook the person uses on the target phone daily. You can also check the Facebook profile of someone without knowing them. iSeeGuard allows you to screenshot Facebook, and you can monitor the current screen activity of the target device.


Operation Steps of iSeeGuard for Facebook Tracking

You can use iSeeGuard to spy on messenger without the target phone by following the steps below. To complete the installation, you will need to get the target device once. Though, after that, you will no longer require the target phone. Then, it enables you to begin remote Facebook monitoring.

Step1: First, you need to create an account on iSeeGuard. After creating your account on, choose a plan of your choice that is appropriate for you. 

Step2: Second, download the app from For installation of the application, follow the setup guide and install the app on the target device. Then, make some changes in the settings according to the instructions in the target phone. Mostly app installation finishes automatically.

Step3: Last, you can sign in with your iSeeGuard account details to the online dashboard. Select Facebook from the options on the left in Social Apps to see the Facebook messages. Now you can easily track the activities of the Facebook account of the target device. 

Select Photos from the left side of the screen to see Facebook photos of someone. You can also see the total time spent on Facebook by the target phone user in a day by selecting App Activities on the left.

With the help of only these simple three steps, anyone can spy on any Facebook account messages using iSeeGuard. We design thistracker app to spy on Facebook. It is entirely undetectable on a target iPhone and allows you to keep track of everything that happens on it.

Do not worry! If you have any difficulty installing the iSeeGuard app, we provide you free 24/7 support to resolve any technical issue. 

If you use iSeeGuard, the law usually requires you to inform the device’s users that it is being monitored. If you do not follow this rule, you may face serious monetary and criminal penalties. Before downloading, installing, and using the LicensedSoftware, you should check your own law about the legality of using it in the manner you want to use it. You are solely responsible for evaluating whether you have the legal authority to monitor the device on which the Licensed Software is installed.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, everyone uses Facebook to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. However, there are specific situations in which we require Facebook message spying. For example, you may suspect that your partner is cheating, or you may wish to monitor the Facebook group chats of your children to protect them from internet hazards without their knowing. Downloading iSeeGuard, which conducts monitoring functions promptly, is the best way to spy on Facebook without a target phone.