How to Install Tracking Software on Cell Phone Remotely?

How to Install Spy Software On Cell Phone Remotely

With the growing insecurities in today’s world, spy apps have become a must-have in most phones. Spy apps provide great insight into Facebook direct messages and help keep track of all that two persons communicate about.

Android spy apps can save the world from mass damaging crimes such as harassment, people falling prey to bullying, kidnapping, or planning any other such activities. Moreover, cheating of any sort amongst students is often also planned via social media. Workplaces can also check employee productivity if they have access to their social media, which is possible via spy software.

However, perhaps one of the most searched questions on Google would be; how to install any such spy software without accessing the phone or target device. Even to think of this is impossible, let alone practically putting it to the world. This is because no wonder the technology has advanced beyond imagination, yet no mechanism exists to install apps on target devices in thin air.

This also calls for people to be aware of any website or blog, claiming that they know how to install the app onto the target device without accessing it. Based upon extensive research and user interaction, we have come to the point where we thoroughly believe that installing spy software apps on phones remotely is a big false and may either be a call for attraction or a straight-up scam.

However, there are several reasons why this has been made impossible to be done even with the blooming technology in today’s era, and let us discuss a few reasons why.

How Can The Process Of Remote App Installation Be Impossible With Such High-Tech?

As mentioned above, this is a legit concern: how has the world been unable to develop such technology that allows remote installation of spy and other software when this may come in handy? The answer comes with a few legit reasons that are discussed below:


Spying on someone without consent is illegal in all ways and the person being spied upon has the legal right to file an FIR. This privacy concern becomes the most significant limitation when it comes to installing spy apps remotely.

However, as already discussed above, spy apps have many benefits and aren’t certainly a scam, but legit spy apps require you to access the target device at least once.


We are not new to the notifications that spring up on our phones even upon the slightest intruder activity noticed by the system, including false email logins. Installation of an entire software is a high-level red signal and suspicious activity that the phones would pick up and notify about immediately and prevent from happening at all costs.

So now, as per the fact that you need to have access to the target device at least once to install and run the spy software efficiently, let’s walk you through the best Facebook spy software app, i.e., iSeeGuard.

Why Is Iseeguard The Most Credible Tracking Software App Available Out There?

ISeeGuard has been the customer’s favorite since its launch as it is easy to install, goes into invisibility mode and functions without the user of the target device knowing, and remotely tracks all social media activity of that person.

The first and foremost step to make this happen would be to access the target device and install the software on that. Make sure it reaches the part where it’s up and running. Don’t worry, as the process is so simple. It doesn’t take more than five minutes, so you can quickly grab the target device for the excuse of a call or text and get the app installed and running in no time.

There is no extra file installation or roots required to monitor or track the building, and iSeeGuard would see what you want in minutes.

Features You Can Access With Iseeguard


The very purpose you installed the app for is now accessible to you as you may access and all direct messages or SMS sent to and from that phone. These messages include the DMs of all social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.


ISeeGuard allows you to keep a real-time track of all incoming and outgoing calls without the details such as name, date, etc. Moreover, the app will enable you to record all the markets to hear them later on.


With iSeeGuard keeping a guard on the activity of the target device, anything that goes online is no more hidden or incognito. The target device becomes an open book for you to access, read, monitor, and track stuff.


The app can give you a complete report about its whereabouts with the name of the place, time, and address in real-time so that you do not have to doubt if a person is exactly where they are saying they are.


Take a screenshot with the target device or shoot a live photo or video to see the whereabouts of your target device without being known, all with the help of iSeeGuard only.

Let’s now dive into the fundamental question:

How To Remotely Track Android With Iseeguard?

IseeGuard is an easy to install and efficient to use software taking hardly five minutes of your time for an everlasting spy experience. Here are the steps that you need to go through to get the app up and functioning:

  • STEP 1:

To start spying using iSeeGuard, you need to register for an account on your device using a valid email ID and then buy a subscription that suits you the most.

  • STEP 2:

Next up, you need to access the target device and download iSeeGuard from Follow all the instructions that show up on the screen to complete the installation.

  • STEP 3:

As the installation of iSeeGuard completes up on the target device, leave it where it was. Now sign in to your iSeeGuard account on your device and sync it to the web portal. The device’s activity from the dashboard would now be visible to you right after the first sync.

So you see, how easy and efficient was the process, without being time-consuming. Even with this easy-to-use interface, iSeeGuard can make you access any content of the target device.

How To Easily Access The Target Device?

Accessing the target device can be a hassle as people do not like to share phones nowadays due to security reasons. However, you can still sneak access at various occasions without making it too obvious.

This is possible at the very best in the case of parental control and supervision of children. You can easily install iSeeGuard on their phones before handing it over to them. The app will help you keep an invisible check on the practice.

However, the real problem arises when this needs to be installed in your employees’ phones as they are doubtful to hand over their phones to you. But, you do not need to install this on every employee’s phone to spy on someone who doesn’t look evil is unnecessary and may also qualify as a hostile act.

Instead, you can call in the suspected employees in your office to talk to them about something casual and get your PA to secretly install the app in the employee’s phone, keeping things as secretive as possible.

Remote Installation Of Android Tracking Software Scams Around The World

No technology as of now is sufficient enough to enable you to install android spy software remotely or out of thin air. They all require your access to the target device, and any app or blog claiming otherwise is a scam that needs to be avoided.

Here is an insight into a few scams that go down with such installations and why they are not legit or feasible!


Some articles claim that Bluetooth can transfer the spy app software android file over phones installed and operated with ease. This is perhaps the lie of the century as any such technology is unavailable and unnecessary.

Bluetooth requires two devices to have an active Bluetooth connection and being within 20-30 ft. of each other, which is the same as having access to the target device. No technology exists to get this functionality done anyways.

Moreover, the transfer may bring malware and malicious stuff likely to induce virus in your phone and may threaten your personal information, which is all in all ridiculous.

So if you see any app claiming to be installed over Bluetooth tethering, we suggest you never install it, and it is likely a scam.


Any app requires an APK file to download and get installed. These files cannot be conveyed as attachments over emails or messages, making it practically impossible for users to download the app.

However, suppose someone can squeeze the APK file in a link and circulate that over. In that case, people should avoid it as anyone clicking on the link will trigger the download of the file app secretly on their phones, enabling theft of your personal information, chats, and records in your phone.


Vague and irrational news-making rounds cannot get any more ridiculous than this. App installation over calls is a technological phenomenon unheard and unseen. While we don’t know what the future holds, this is undoubtedly not available currently, and any app claiming to be installed just over a call is a false claim.

Anyone giving you login credentials on call for an app is also scamming you right after sending them any text message or while you are in the market already.

There it is, all the reasons why having a spy Facebook software is highly essential in today’s world. Moreover, we have discussed apps and people claiming to be downloaded over calls, texts, or emails. They are all frauds and avoided at all costs as their links might make your personal information accessible by them, which no one wants.

Wisely choose iSeeGuard as your most reliable, time and money-efficient friend for spying without getting noticed. Just ensure to have access to the target device to get iSeeGuard up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions To Install Tracking Software Apps

How much time does one need to install a tracking app?

Installing spy apps is not time-consuming and would take you five minutes at max to get the job done. All you have to do is access the target device. Get past the phone’s security protection and then go to and install the iSeeGuard app.

At most, this will take five minutes of your time, and the app will be up and running in invisibility mode on your phone in no time. The process is time-efficient and easy.

  1. What if I don’t know my way around the phone’s security?

Unfortunately, there is no way if you do not know the pin or password to someone’s phone, as that brings the limitation of accessing the target device with easy feasibility. You have to find a way to know the password.

If you cannot get past the security breach of the phone, you will be unable to gain access to the device and hence, unable to install the app iSeeGuard.

However, knowing someone’s phone password raises doubts. To get away with this quickly, ask the person themselves to enter the password or pin, dumbing down any doubts or fingers growing towards you.

  1. Is it essential for new phones to have sim cards for the software’s installation?

It is not necessary to have a sim card in the phone for the software’s installation as the app only requires you to access the phone software to install this app and has nothing to do with the presence or absence of sim cards.