How You Can Install a Tracking Software on Someone’s Phone via Text Messages?

How You Can Install a Spyware on Someone's Phone via Text Messages

In this technologically evolving world, spying and monitoring have become an essential part of our lives. There could be several valid reasons for someone to want to keep tabs on what others are doing, like parenting, problematic love life, or various other reasons. But the question pops in mind that without access to the target devices, how could we monitor the target person?  Till a few years back, it was impossible for someone to track activity on another person’s mobile device. But technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few years. iSeeGuard  has made things easy for you. With the help of iSeeGuard , you can install spyware on any smartphone or device within no time.

Let’s explore this unusual tracking app to understand how someone can install the spyware on another phone and track activity.

How to access Text Messages without having the target phone?

Using iSeeGuard , you can access the text messages of any person you want to monitor. And for this, it is not necessary to physically install a spy app on the target smartphone. The more intelligent way to access text messages on a target individual phone is to send an email link or text message to the target phone.

If the target person is using iPhone, the spying will be a bit easier. You do not need any spyware to install in it. The access to iCloud ID and password of the particular device will be sufficient. With these credentials, you can get complete access to the target phone. And for Android devices, the procedure will be slightly different. But one will gets full access to the specific smartphone.

Is It Possible to Install any Tracker by Text Message?

Yes! With the iSeeGuard  app, it is possible to install spyware via text message on any device. In various situations, it is easy to install spyware remotely. But with a few exceptions. Nowadays, in the technologically advanced world, spying has become an easy task. Easy remote access includes some vulnerable factors, like target cell phone location, smartphone type, etc.

As asserted first, most of the time, installing spyware remotely on the target cellphone is an easy task. It just requires the target phone number or email address.

How to Track an Android Phone Without Having It?

iSeeGuard  app provides various spying options for Android devices. The services include social platforms spying. You can monitor your target person’s activity on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp without them knowing.

iSeeGuard  also makes it easy to track the target person’s SIM card info and GPS location. Along with that, the easy-to-use iSeeGuard  allows you to read target cell phone’s text messages and monitor call logs as well.

The great thing about iSeeGuard  is that it remains undetectable after installation. And the installation process takes just a few minutes.

Three Easy Steps to Start Tracking with iSeeGuard

It is easy as a conjurer swallowing a poker! All you need to follow the following three steps:

  1. Open iSeeGuard  and sign up with your email for free.
  2. Follow the easy installation instructions. These instructions provide a ‘how to install the link on the target device’ guide.
  3. And that is it! You can log in to your iSeeGuard  account and use your control panel for monitoring and spying.

iSeeGuard  Android Tracker Features

iSeeGuard  provides numerous features for Android spying. Some of the notable ones include:

Text Messages Reader

With iSeeGuard , users can get access to target device text messages. You can see every text message the target is receiving or sending.

GPS Location

The access to a three-dimensional street view is indeed an outstanding iSeeGuard  feature. Users can see the real-time GPS location of the target as well.

Calls Tracking

iSeeGuard  enables its users to access the call logs and target device contacts. You can see the timestamps, contact names, all calls (incoming and outgoing). Isn’t it exciting?


iSeeGuard  provides its users a virtual boundary, and when the target person leaves the space, you will get notified.

Key logger

If you enable the keylogger feature in your control panel, you can easily follow the target device keystrokes. This feature will make it easier to spy on relevant details like usernames, passwords, etc.

Media Files

iSeeGuard  give its user power to see and download media files on the Android device of the target person.


It is the most valuable feature of the iSeeGuard . One can easily track target device Snapchat activities. The cherry on the top is one can save Snapchat deleted messages as well.

Browser History

Browser history is one of the most significant aspects of spying. And for parents, it is crucial to check their kids’ online activities and searching activities. iSeeGuard  understands this need and provides the entire browser history that too the user deleted after searching.

Stealth mode

iSeeGuard  ensures your safety first, and it offers full stealth mode. It means the target person will never know about this spyware. So, spy on your target with confidence.

iPhone Monitoring with iSeeGuard

Yes, with iSeeGuard , you can spy on iOS phones as well. The process is similar to Android but with one exception. And that is iCloud account verification. iOS spying via iSeeGuard  proffers multiple monitoring features like social media platforms spying, call logs, GPS location, Key logger, and many more. All the tracking features come with full stealth mode, and the target will remain unaware of any spyware in their iPhones.

How to Begin iOS Tracking?

iSeeGuard  provides three steps free sign up before starting any spying activities. These steps are almost similar to Android, with one exception. Let’s see what is that exception below:

  1. Open iSeeGuard  and sign up with your email for free.
  2. Verify the iCloud account of the target device.
  3. Voila! Now you can monitor all the iOS activities via your web control panel.


iSeeGuard  provides very affordable pricing plans. Initially, sign-up is free with various associated features. But if you want to delve deeper into your target person’s device, you can opt for iSeeGuard  paid plans.

There are three plans that iSeeGuard  offers to its users: the basic plan, premium plan, and teams, and all are pocket-friendly. These plans provide deep spying with more amazing features. All these monitoring features require no rooting and jailbreak at all.

Why Choose iSeeGuard ?

iSeeGuard  is the most popular spyware available in more than 190 countries around the globe. Privacy of the users is the priority of the iSeeGuard  management. We strive to provide 100% secure spying without knowing the target. The 24/7 customer support makes iSeeGuard  the most desirable spyware as the user can get help any time round the clock. These aspects give iSeeGuard  a slight edge over other spyware available in the market.


In the current world, where everything is vulnerable and risky, it is the need of an hour to monitor our loved ones to save them from any security risk or cyber hazard. iSeeGuard  provides safe and secure spying. For parents, it is significant to know about the online activities of their kids. For various couples, their relation issues need tracking and monitoring their spouse. Whatever may be the reason, spying has become the most significant aspect. Nowadays, spyware available in the market helps users to achieve their monitoring tasks.

iSeeGuard  spyware caters to all spying and tracking needs. In this detailed guide, we have provided you all possible monitoring methods. It is notable to understand the online scam and be cautious while signing up for such scam websites. Otherwise, you will end up losing all your information instead of monitoring the target person.

It is the best practice to use trusted spyware. So, when you need to follow on the target phone remotely, prefer the reliable and trusted spy app like iSeeGuard . It is one of the best and easy-to-use spy apps available in the market. It caters to spying on all devices, be it Android, iPhones, or desktops.