How to Catch a Cheating Husband on WhatsApp?

How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp

If you suspect that your husband could be cheating, then you may want to check his WhatsApp to find out who he chats with while you are away or sleeping. It is never a good feeling when you see signs of a cheating husband. You have invested many years of emotions, and it’s better to take a step rather than stay with someone who is not loyal to you. 

Surprisingly, a study found that 40% of men actually cheat some way or the other. The study found out that the most common method that a cheating husband use is online platforms. Moreover, the same study also revealed that maximum cheating husbands had been caught investing their time on another person using WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp is used by almost everyone these days. It lets you check and send messages immediately, which helps in building a relationship. But if your husband is using it for infidelity, it’s time to find out who that other person is. Even if it’s hard to accept that a married man can do something like this, but infidelity is not uncommon. 

WhatsApp can give you a clear picture of whether your husband is cheating with one or multiple women. Probably, he joined a dating site where he shared his WhatsApp number, or he is cheating on you with his female colleague. So, how to find out if your husband is cheating on WhatsApp? This guide will help you catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp conveniently. Keep reading to find how. 

Signs That Your Husband is a WhatsApp Cheater 

There are different signs that WhatsApp cheater husband will show, which more or less confirm that he is indeed cheating. We understand that finding a cheating husband will be a complex experience. But before you accuse your husband of cheating, pay attention to a few signs because he could be spending time on WhatsApp talking about office work or just with a long-lost friend. 

Here are some signs that will tell if you have a cheating husband: 

  • If your husband wasn’t concerned about you using his phone and never felt bothered when you checked his WhatsApp but has suddenly started doing that, this means that he is hiding something from you. A person will lock WhatsApp when they don’t want anyone to see it. But keeping WhatsApp hidden from the wife is a bit too much because that’s where the trust factor comes in. 
  • You can see your husband spending a lot of time on WhatsApp. Do they smile while messaging someone? Do you see them texting someone immediately after receiving the message and staying glued to it? Does your husband ignore you when he uses WhatsApp? All this could mean that he is cheating. 
  • Let’s say your husband has kept WhatsApp open, but when you check it, you see that all his recent messages are deleted. In WhatsApp, one can quickly delete an entire conversation, which may create mixed thoughts. 
  • When you open WhatsApp, do you see a person’s name saved weirdly? They may have used some symbol or saved the name differently. 
  • Does he overreact when you ask for his phone? If he is doing that, it is another indication he could be cheating. The thing is, loyal husbands won’t feel bothered if you ask for their phone, but if something is going on, they will feel overprotected towards that one device and app that they use the most to cheat. 

These are the signs that can tell you that you live under the same roof with a cheating husband. Now, how to find out if the husband is cheating? Don’t worry; there are mobile tracking apps that will let you find out the correct answer. 

The Best Mobile Tracking App to Catch a Cheating Husband 

The recommended mobile tracking app to use to find out whether a husband is cheating on his wife or not is iSeeGuard. iSeeGuard is a professional phone monitoring application loaded with multiple features. It lets you monitor the target device remotely, which means the phone owner will not come to know that they are being tracked or monitored. You can use this app if you want to find out about WhatsApp communications of your husband. 

Moreover, iSeeGuard is a safe tool to use and won’t consume a lot of space. Plus, it gives real-time data of WhatsApp messages. iSeeGuard has thousands of users, and it is preferred by many because of its user-friendly interface and accurate details. Anyone who joins iSeeGuard, their data remains safe with the company. One can download iSeeGuard on an iOS or Android device and start tracking WhatsApp activities of their husband. 

Here’s what the WhatsApp tracking feature can help you find out: 

  • iSeeGuard lets you see both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages. 
  • The tool will show you all the exchanged multimedia files, such as videos, images, documents, and more. 
  • Along with checking the messages, you can also see the contact details of the person. A person’s name, profile picture, and phone number will be available. 
  • All the details will be accurate, and you will see at what time the messages have been exchanged. 
  • The app will let you capture WhatsApp live screen. If you need proves then this feature can come in handy. 

To start using iSeeGuard, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: First, visit iSeeGuard’s website and sign up for free. You will have to create an account and fill up the sign-up form. 

Step 2: Follow the instructions on the website and set up the tool. Please note that the app has to be downloaded on your husband’s phone. Don’t worry; the app will be installed discreetly. 

Step 3: Go to the iSeeGuard website and use the dashboard to check WhatsApp messages conveniently. 

Readers may note that WhatsApp tracking is not the only feature you can try. iSeeGuard offers multiple other features, such as call tracking to check both incoming and outgoing calls and call logs to see when your husband calls a suspicious person. In addition, you can check messages received on different instant message platforms, check the GPS location of your husband, and much more. 

Another Method to Try to Catch a Cheating Spouse on WhatsApp 

If you don’t want to download an app and instead go for a traditional way to find out whether your spouse is cheating or not, here’s another way to do that. There is a WhatsApp web feature available, which lets you check WhatsApp on your computer screen. You can try this method to find out who your husband talks to the most, who the person is, see the photo, and more. It works the same way as the mobile WhatsApp application; the only difference is that you will use it on the web. 

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch your computer and open a browser. Once you open a browser, go to the website-

Step 2: If you can open your husband’s phone and WhatsApp, open WhatsApp. Then go to the settings option and click on the WhatsApp Web option. 

Step 3: You will be asked to scan the QR code. You will see the QR code on the computer. Scan it using the WhatsApp mobile app. This will allow you to log in. 

Once the setup is complete on the browser, you are set to check and read real-time WhatsApp messages. It works effortlessly and works perfectly as well. Ensure to follow the steps that we have mentioned above. Without the steps, you won’t be able to finish the installation, and neither will you be able to check the messages. 

But there are a few drawbacks to using this method, which is if your husband’s phone is locked or WhatsApp is locked with a password, you won’t be able to scan the code. This means that your phone and WhatsApp app has to be open. 

The process takes time, which means that you will need to access your husband’s phone for some time. Your husband may see that you are doing something using the phone, and, in this event, things can go in the wrong direction. 

Another drawback of using this method is that even if you succeed in setting up the WhatsApp web application, your husband’s device will receive a notification each time you open it. So, before you start using the WhatsApp web application, you will need to ensure that the phone is with you every time you try to launch the WhatsApp web application. 

Let’s say your husband has deleted the previous conversations and voice notes; the web-based application won’t give you details of deleted conversations. 


Now you know about the different ways to find whether your husband is cheating or not using WhatsApp. But as we shared, the traditional method comes along with a few disadvantages. Therefore, if you want to find the complete details of your husband’s WhatsApp activities, try iSeeGuard. iSeeGuard will give accurate information of the target device’s WhatsApp activities, and there are many other phone monitoring features to try as well.