Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile?

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile?

Facebook users have become quite immersed in their Facebook activities. It comes as no surprise that people are interested in other users’ Facebook activities as well as their profile visitors.


It will be a lie if you say you never wondered who views your Facebook profile!


Some third-party apps in the market claim to allow you to see who views your Facebook profile. However, not all of them deliver their claim. Moreover, Facebook does not allow such features in its privacy policy. Hence, it is not an entirely black or white feature for a third-party app to give you that information.


In this blog, you will learn some ways to see if someone visited your Facebook profile. Some of them are based on assumptions made when someone visits your Facebook profile regularly.


Apart from your friends, of course, many other users might come across your profile and decided to stick around or pay timely visits. They could be your childhood friends or a total stranger. Lucky for you, while going through your account, some of them tend to leave some imprints behind that you need to look out for.


You’re required to process these assumptions on your own because, as mentioned earlier, Facebook does not allow users to keep track of their profile visitors. It’s a simple security measure since there are over millions of Facebook users worldwide. Being one of the leading social media platforms, it is up to Facebook to keep its data records confidential. Ergo, you can get only an idea and not confirmation if someone visits your Facebook account.


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Here are some of the signs to look out for when finding your Facebook profile frequent visitors:


Friends suggestions


Facebook tries to find you as many friends as possible on social media. It makes random friends suggestions for people you might know based on their mutual friends and shared location with you. However, if you get suggestions for people who are neither your mutual friend nor have any connection with you whatsoever, there’s a big possibility that they’ve frequently visited your profile. However, it’s not too much of a startling fact because they could be associated with you on a professional level and have your contact number with them. Your phone number is linked to your Facebook account; hence your co-workers might be checking your account without letting you know.


Checking your Facebook mobile App

While going through the Facebook App on your phone, you can go to the “All Friends” section, where you will find all your listed friends. You should check the ones at the top spots since they are the ones who actively communicate with you. If you find someone/ people who don’t interact much with you but are consistently on the top of the list, then there is a strong chance they are viewing your profile frequently without leaving any likes or comments.


iOS Privacy Settings

for iOS users, Facebook allows them to change their privacy settings to find out which friends visited their profile. It doesn’t specify the timing, though; hence the list could be pretty vague if you don’t check it now and then. For this, you need to open the Facebook App on your iOS device and go to Facebook settings. Go to “Privacy Shortcuts” and click the “Who viewed my profile” option.

This option is available only on the iOS platform for now. For Android users, Facebook has yet to make the feature available.


Check who is liking your updates

This one is the simplest way to see if someone views your Facebook profile on a frequent basis. If you find somebody unacquainted, liking your Facebook updates, then it is highly likely that they visit your profile as well. However, it is not always that certain, and they could just be the ones who found your posts among the Feed and liked them.


Facebook’s Top Fan badge

Facebook’s Top Fan Badges allow users to identify their most engaged followers and interact with them via likes and comments. It is an excellent way to boost engagement, especially for your Facebook business page. From their comments, you can easily have an idea that they pay your Facebook profile regular visits.


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In Conclusion


Although Facebook doesn’t allow you to find out who visits your profile, there are many ways to get the information. We have talked about the white hat methods that are effective as well as comply with Facebook’s privacy policy. Many third-party apps promise to track your visitors but do not deliver. Hence, it’s better to stick to the safer route. On the other hand, if you want to track someone’s Facebook activity, iSeeGuard never fails to deliver.